TeCK Night Chatham-Kent 2 Will Feature Discussions on Artificial Intelligence in Business

Chatham-Kent Economic Development Services and the Small Business Centre in partnership with WEtech Alliance and Scribendi are bringing together local and regional technology leaders to discuss how artificial intelligence (AI) is making an impact in both new and traditional business environments. The event which is called TeCK Night Chatham-Kent 2 is being held on July 18, 2018, starting at 5:30 p.m. at the Sons of Kent in Chatham.

“Chatham-Kent is filled with a wealth of companies building technology into their business to leverage the competitive advantages” said Stuart McFadden, Acting Director, Chatham-Kent Economic Development Services. “Our local economy includes industry leaders in agriculture technology, manufacturing, communications, and of course some extremely innovative local small businesses.”

The event will feature a panel of experts exploring how AI can be used in traditional companies—big or small—to take advantage of data goldmines without busting budgets.

“WEtech Alliance is excited to be able to work with Chatham-Kent businesses through events such as TeCK Night Chatham-Kent to help them enhance their use of technology, foster local tech communities, and provide a platform for discussing innovation” said Yvonne Pilon, CEO, WEtech Alliance.

Whether you are curious about how to implement AI in your business or want to help other businesses implement AI solutions, come join the discussion. The event is open to business owners and the public. Registration is available on the Chatham-Kent Economic Development Facebook Page under events: https://www.facebook.com/CKEDS/

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