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WEtech’s vision is to build a regional technology community that fosters entrepreneurship, innovation and collaboration, creating a wealth of opportunity and prosperity for Windsor-Essex and Chatham-Kent. We do this by focusing on 3 main pillars:

  • Business Acceleration
  • Building & Engaging the Tech Community
  • Championing Tech and Innovation

We assist today’s entrepreneurs to launch new ventures, connect with academia, provide education and networking opportunities to accelerate business growth for small-to-medium enterprises, and serve as advocates for the region’s technology and innovation companies.

WEtech provides the tools, programs, resources and support that entrepreneurs and innovation and technology-centric companies require for sustaining growth, development and success.

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WEtech offers technology and innovation centric entrepreneurs and businesses a suite of programs and services designed to help strengthen and accelerate the growth of the Windsor-Essex and Chatham-Kent’s entrepreneurial talent and globally competitive innovative companies.

A way to tap into market intelligence and gain valuable market research, including industry vendor studies, academic research reports, and time with a business analyst.
Have an itch to ditch bad business habits? Need help to jump-start your business? Need expert advice to steer clear of dead ends? WEtech Alliance offers FREE 30-minute sessions with entrepreneurial experts to rekindle passion for your business.
Designed for entrepreneurs or senior management who want to gain direct access to practical, technical, and business-related information. Regular meetings allow participants to share ideas and best practices.
Our Business Advisory Services include Mentors, Business Advisors and Entrepreneurs-in-Residence who work with our clients to help strengthen and accelerate the growth of the region’s entrepreneurial talent and globally competitive innovative companies.
WEtech War Rooms take 4-5 companies who have a specific challenge & pair them with an expert in that field to guide them through the process. Examples include running a Facebook Ad or Google Adwords Campaign, setting up their initial cash flow, projections, pitching to investors, due diligence, etc.

The companies will leave the War Room having completed the task they came to learn.

ScaleUP is the first accelerator program in Windsor-Essex and Chatham-Kent specifically focused on scaling up advanced startups that have hit the milestone of revenue and job creation – or are on the cusp.

1 on 1 sales training and coaching with startups who have surpassed product-market fit. We take the small amount of revenue generated, shape the overall revenue engine, and put together a sales plan that allows the startup to scale. Each week afterward, we meet for one on one sales coaching that focuses purely on tactics. Some examples include: pipeline management, social selling, breaking down calls, voicemails, etc.
Innovation Catalyst works with organizations and companies to activate front line staff to be internal engines of innovation. IC turns the light on – helping your organization generate ideas that lead to improvements in service delivery and efficiency while at the same time opening up channels for commercialization.
The Regional Alliance Network connects clients to key resources and relationships and provides them the opportunity to present their business idea to a key group of community stakeholders, sector-specific professionals and executives.
The Windsor-Essex Entrepreneur Support Network is an infographic designed to help entrepreneurs find organizations providing business assistance in Windsor-Essex County. Users can target the exact support they need based on their business stage and the type of assistance they’re looking for.

Entrepreneur’s Toolkit Workshops powered by MaRS are experiential, hands-on workshops facilitated by experienced entrepreneurs. The workshops offer ventures tools, mentoring and peer feedback to solve specific problems and develop essential business components.

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