CenterLine (Windsor) Limited Named Gold Standard Winner

CenterLine (Windsor) Limited is pleased to announce that, as a winner of Canada’s Best Managed Companies program in 2013, it has successfully retained its status and become a Gold Standard winner in 2017.

This prestigious national award is sponsored by Deloitte, CIBC, Canadian Business, Smith School of Business and MacKay CEO Forums.

“It’s much more than just financial performance,” said Peter Brown, Partner, Deloitte and Co-Leader, Canada’s Best Managed Companies program. “The ingredients to success also include overall business performance and sustained growth. It takes dedication and commitment from the entire organization.”

CenterLine congratulates its outstanding world class staff for its continued dedication to excellence and thanks its many valued customers and suppliers for their contributions to this wonderful achievement.

AlphaKOR Honoured with Trailblazer Award at WEST International Women’s Day Event

Congratulations to AlphaKOR on receiving the Trailblazer Award from WEST of Windsor at the International Women’s Day Gala at the St. Clair Centre of the Arts. The award was sponsored by Biz X Magazine.

Excerpt from the Gala’s program:

AlphaKOR’s commitment and belief in giving back to the community that staff such as Hassan Farhat has been able to share his expertise and personal journey as a newcomer to Canada with WEST clients. AlphaKOR continues to open its doors and provide the clients with an opportunity to learn about career options in the IT sector, the labour market and daily operations of their business.

In addition, AlphaKOR continues to work with WEST to support future initiatives and programs that will benefit Windsor-Essex and offer opportunities for young women and women in our community.

Netmon on the Netmove!

Netmon Inc., a Windsor based Tech Company, has moved to a newly redeveloped business and medical centre at 55 Edinborough Street, Unit 200 which was the former site of the Teutonia Club.

The move is a strategic decision to accommodate recent growth and position the company closer to major arteries in Windsor allowing for faster response times to Netmon’s expanding clientele in Windsor Essex County and Southwestern Ontario.

Employees are thoroughly enjoying their new location that includes a spacious common/lounge area, an expanded IT/Tech lab and a work out/exercise room.

Client Spotlight: P-Pod

Fresh off of his trip to the Water & Wastewater Equipment, Treatment & Transport show in Indiana – the world’s largest annual trade show for environmental service professionals – we sat down with Rob Weir, Co-Founder of P-Pod. Here’s what he had to say…

Tell us a bit about P-Pod

We are a startup that developed and patented an innovative portable restroom that collapses down to 1/3 the size. We didn’t think outside the box, we just made the box smaller.

How did you come up with your company name?

“P” is slang for urinating and pod is play on the Apple brand. It works.

What products/services do you provide?

We supply the portable toilet industry, military and disaster relief agencies with a cost saving product. P-pod is a stackable, foldable, alternative portable restroom. It’s a version of the traditional portable restroom that collapses down to 36 inches high, which can be tossed easily into the back of a small pickup truck or a regular old minivan.

For commercial uses, you can store three times the number of unit in the same space. Its collapsible design allows for better logistics and more efficient storage. That means more profit.

The full-sized 3D printed P-Pod prototype shown in open (left) and collapsed (right) positions.

Anything new and exciting happening within your company?

We’re currently working on a waterless flush toilet. Trying to get IP at the moment.

Where can people find you online?


Facebook: ppodinc

Twitter: ppodinc

LinkedIn: ppodinc

How has WEtech Alliance supported your business to date?

I’ve received support and advice from WEtech’s staff and mentors. I’ve also used many of the young companies in the Downtown Windsor Business Accelerator as well.

What tech gadget or resource (book, blog, magazine, app, website, etc.) has played a role in your company growth?

I am a self-taught designer that will look at anything that involves design and technical drawings: RED DOT, DWELL. DORNOB, PINTEREST, ARCHDAILY and I like to listen to the Wharton business channel on XM.

Just a few of the many early P-Pod concept sketches

Looking into your company’s future, what are you most enthusiastic about?

I think we have a product that will change the industry. There is a possibility that with our modern automotive manufacturing, innovative new collapsible design, ability to keep a very competitive price point, and favourable US dollar we can make a big dent in the market.

What excites you most about the local tech community?

I love where the tool industry is and feel we are producing some world class molds for the auto industry and the tooling the local guys are making is state of the art. St Clair and U of Windsor are helping supply the industry with young talent. I would like to see the local high schools improve there machine shop and CAD classes to funnel more young people into the industry. It is in our back yard. We can develop new tangible, hardware style products from start to finish. I think we need to make a road map for that kind of development. Soft ware is great but you cant code the next restroom or beer dispenser. Windsor could be to hardware, what San Francisco is to software.

If you could have coffee with any business leader or industry expert, who would you choose, and why?

I think I would like to have a coffee with Barry Zekelman. I have admired his story. He is a very wealthy man who is still grounded. Still an ordinary guy. Even the wealthy people in Windsor never forget where they came from. We are a lunch bucket town that never gets much credit for what good natured people we are. But then again we don’t want credit. We just work hard and would rather pull a guy up then push him down.

What ideas do you have to help accelerate our local Tech community?

I think I go back to trying to nurture the guy with the idea. I realize there are way more bad ideas than good. But put a call out to anyone who thinks they have the next heated lunch box or no foam beer dispenser. Give them a forum to present there idea.

Get the angel investor in touch with the CAD designer and the tool maker and the marketing guy and patent lawyer.

Get local government to stop casing the big company with 500 jobs looking for a place to set up tax free.

Cultivate the little guy that might hire 20 or 30 people and be forever thankful.

If you can land 15 or 20 small innovators, you will create a culture of product development.

It’s right here. Every piece of the puzzle is in Essex county. We are smack dab in the middle of the richest economy in the world.

Windsor has to quit using someone else’s road map and play to its strength. We work hard, we show up every day and WE BUILD STUFF!  We are really good at it. We will always need stuff. Stuff is not going be replaced with an app.

Some of my favorite stuff is built here. Cars and booze.

Bring the ideas here instead of Toronto or Detroit.  Then we can hang on to the manufacturing.

Western Michigan has development money they pooled from taxes, corporations and feeder industries.

Focus on one thing. PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT. Get the whole region that Toronto forgot to come together and throw resources at it.

This is who we are.  Teach it in the schools, preach it in the churches. Set the bar high. If our destiny is to build stuff, lets be the very best stuff builders on the planet.

Anything else you want people to know?

If we can focus the energy of the great people of this region on selling and nurturing the thing we do best. Stick to it and not waver. The world will notice. They will seek us out and pay a premium for our skill. Like Swedish furniture and Japanese electronics. Its not cheap. Its good.

Client Spotlight: Simplifly

We sat down with entrepreneur Thom Malone to get the scoop on his company, Simplifly. Here’s what he had to say…

Tell us a bit about Simplify

We have created an algorithm that finds airfares that are incorrectly priced. We then notify our users when that mistake happens allowing them to book flights at a fraction of the original cost.

Simplifly founder Thom Malone on a recent trip to Nara, Japan after scoring a great deal on his flight – $535 – thanks to his company’s price watching algorithm.

How did you come up with your company name?

I wanted something that was clever, easy to remember, and explained what industry the company was in from the name alone, hence Simplifly.

What products/services do you provide?

We currently offer our subscribers email mistake airfare notifications. We are in the process of developing a mobile app that sends push notifications of mistake airfares, and then allows you to book the flight directly in the app. Saving you time and money.

Anything new and exciting happening within your company?

We’re going to be launching a new website at the end of February, and then we will be rolling out our mobile app at the end of March.

Where can people find you online?

How has WEtech Alliance supported your business to date?

WEtech is always ready to support in whatever way they can. Whether it be through general consultation, to business introductions, to evangelising Simplifly, WEtech is always there to support and to see entrepreneurs succeed

Looking into your company’s future, what are you most enthusiastic about?

Developing and deploying an intuitive, simple, and beautifully designed flight booking app is the most exciting thing for us right now.

Thom Malone on a trip to Iceland thanks to a $130 flight discovered by Simplifly.

If you could have coffee with any business leader or industry expert, who would you choose, and why?

Elon Musk. He’s an incredible visionary who has made it his life goal to see humans become an interplanetary species.

Client Spotlight: EatDrinX

We talked to EatDrinX Founder & President Matt Guignard to talk about the company’s past, present and future. Here’s what he had to say…

What is EatDrinX?

EatDrinX Inc. (pronounced Eat – Drinks) is a Food and Beverage Technology Company.  We have created a platform specific to our industry, designed to modernize the way places showcase their food, beverage and promotional offerings while reaching their target audience.

How did you come up with your company name?

EatDrinX was the result of a brain-storming session I had with local marketing guru, Ed Roach.  I had designed version 1 of the consumer app prior to meeting with Ed.  I walked him through the design, and the experience, and we then proceeded to have a conversation of what the brand should embody.  One hour later, EatDrinX was born. Later that day, I proceeded to incorporate the company, I lock down the domains and social media profiles, and EatDrinx was created.  Eat . Drink . Experience

What products/services do you provide?

The EatDrinX Platform consists of both consumer and industry based applications.

Consumer Application

  • EatDrinX (Apple & Android &, allows Individuals to view food / drink features & events happening nearby, find places that offer specific styles (tapas / patio / live music) and view interactive image centric menus.
Industry Application(s)
  • EDX Places (Apple & Android), Is Geo-Location based Menu Management Solution. EDX Places allows restaurateurs / establishments the ability to showcase their daily offerings – Food / Drink / Specials / Features / Events, on the go. Consumer desire menus with images and our technology is designed to ensure that Menus are always update with a rich user experience.  Saying good bye to PDF Menus and waiting for someone else to update their information
  • EDX Trucks (Available Privately) leverages the Menu Management Technology we created for EDX Places, with more focus on Geo-Location and Hours of Operation. Food Truck Operators can change their location on the fly and create interactive menus.
We are also heavily involved in Culinary Tourism & Food and Beverage Based Festivals.

Anything new and exciting happening within your company?

Over the past 2 Months we have expanded Our Team. We could not be happier with the quality of genuine individuals that have come on-board.  We now have a sales team, creative director and accountant. The nature in which this team has come together was purely organic and the timing could not have been better.

Where can people find you online?    Instagram    LinkedIn    Facebook    Twitter

How has WEtech Alliance supported your business to date?

I began working with WEtech in late 2014. At the very early stages, it’s extremely difficult to have an understanding of how to articulate and present a new venture. WEtech continues to be the go-to resource in helping new tech ventures start their journey. Aside from facilitating our brand creation, I found my partner / co-founder Pramod Mendonca (CTO) and established a relationship with the Downtown Windsor Business Accelerator, because of WEtech. It’s hard to imagine being where we are today without the support of WEtech, and for that I’m truly thankful.

What tech gadget or resource (book, blog, magazine, app, website, etc.) has played a role in your company growth?

I’ve had a few different experiences with Tech-Startups, starting in the early 2000’s.  The technology we are using, essentially didn’t exist prior 2015.  None of this could be possible without today’s Open Source Community (Global Sharing of Technology).  It’s an amazing experience to be involved in and having accessible online resources to create whatever you desire continue to get better.

Looking into your company’s future, what are you most enthusiastic about?

Global Potential. Our technology and platform is industry focused and without borders, this allows us to effectively create new solutions based on market needs.  This summer we worked with Tourism Windsor Essex Pelee Island to create their Passport Application “Barrels, Bottles and Brews”, and immediate after that we created a Festival Platform for the WE Harvest Fest in Amherstburg.

The depth and scope of our platform continues to expand, we are merely scratching the surface of what is possible. We are starting to roll out in Toronto, as well as testing out internationally in Lisbon Portugal. We are working with a number of Festivals across Ontario and continue to build relationships in the Tourism Industries.

What excites you most about the local tech community?

It doesn’t get more exciting than being apart of an underdog story.

I met my partner while he was finishing his master’s of computer science at the University of Windsor. Out of his graduating class, he was the only person to remain in Windsor.  We have talented people at both St. Clair College and the University of Windsor, as well as people/businesses are starting to realize our affordable cost of living and a quality of life you can have in Windsor.  If a local tech business can offer a challenging and innovative working environment, they are going to have access to top talent not only from new grads, but from all over.

If you could have coffee with any business leader or industry expert, who would you choose, and why?

Mr. David Goldstein, President and CEO of Tourism Canada.  We are extremely confident in our platform and what we are building. We are uniquely positioned to help modernize the Tourism Industry. With all of the emphasis on Canada 150, now is the time to change the way Canadians / Visitors explore this beautiful country.  From Culinary Trails to Festivals, Food Trucks to Establishments, our expertise is proven and only getting better. Canada can be the leader in Digital Tourism Innovation, and we want to help make this happen.

What ideas do you have to help accelerate our local Tech community?

I typically meet with 1-2 new potential tech startups per month and the lack of community is the common concern.  Entrepreneurship and creativity happens everywhere, yet existing tech businesses typically take an independent approach vs helping the collective community.  Providing solutions with technology from 2012 or the way things were done in the past, isn’t going to help the community move forward.  We need advocates and success stories to get us in the conversation.

Anything else you want people to know?

Starting a true innovative tech business is unlike anything you can imagine.  If you’re expecting or relying on another company to create your vision for you, it’s not going to work out.  You have to be fully committed to the process and if you don’t know about coding, cloud computing, servers or databases, you have no choice but to start.  If you want to go down this path, understand that you are stepping out from the norm, and connecting with like-minded people is going to be a challenge.  Our doors are open and we are here to help.

Client Spotlight: CORA Cyber Security

What is CORA Cyber Security?

CORA Cyber Security is a cyber security company specializing in “unbreakable” data security.

How did you come up with your company name?

CORA is an acronym that stands for Context Ordered Replacement Algorithm, which is at the heart of our technology, and so, it is appropriate that it is in our corporate name.

Context Ordered” insures that each time data is CORAfied, it will be autonomous to all other solutions – analogous to a unique encryption key being generated every time. “Replacement Algorithm” results in a type of “perfect encryption” as defined by the father of information theory, Claude Shannon.

Together these aspects of CORA results in data security that is trillions of times stronger than military grade encryption.

What products/services do you provide?

CORA Cyber Security has developed CORA, a step beyond Encryption, that provides unbreakable data security which protects information, companies, organization and people.

CORA is currently available through CORA Explorer as a standalone program for a personal computer.

Anything new and exciting happening within your company?

CORAcsi has been invited to participate with the Canada-Ontario pavilion at the inaugural, autoMOBILI-D exhibit, at the 2017 Detroit International Auto Show. We are excited to participate during press week from Jan 8th – 12th. Everyone is excited about automation & mobility, and CORAcsi is excited to provide the peace of mind that we all demand

Where can people find you online?    LinkedIn    Facebook    Twitter

How has WEtech Alliance supported your business to date?

CORAcsi is grateful for WEtech’s guidance, connections and support; you have helped CORAcsi to accelerate towards our goal of securing the Global community against the outrageous theft of $500+ billion per year by cyber criminals.

Looking into your company’s future, what are you most enthusiastic about?

CORA advanced past the quarter finals at the Global Automotive & mobility innovation challenge in Waterloo. We are looking forward to the semi-finals hosted by the Society of Automotive Engineers in Detroit this upcoming February.