Client Spotlight: Next Healthcare Technologies

Next Healthcare Technologies was incorporated in 2013 as a Canadian-owned, founder bootstrapped, Ontario-based company.

The company was founded by physician Dr. Ketan Patel and two IT specialists – Adam Davis, who founded Next Dimension and Chris Burgess, who is the founder and CEO of Net Direct.

The company recently launched CareCDS, which is a cloud-based medical office software system that addresses a massive blind spot in healthcare – the over two million healthcare waiting rooms in North America.


Here’s Dr. Patel to tell us more about this exciting new venture.

Q: Tell us a bit about the origins of Next Healthcare Technologies

DR. PATEL:  After 12 years as a practicing physician, the last 8 focusing on the treatment of chronic pain and addiction, Next Healthcare was borne out the frustration of a medical market which is suffering from a glut of inefficient paper handling and data siloes. After speaking to hundreds of fellow practitioners at medical conferences around the world, we realized the problem was widespread and there was a lack of tools out there to help physicians and patients.

I approached Adam and Chris and we formed a new organization around this problem. We combined our own paper-based standard-operating-procedures (SOPs) and protocols, plus gold standard medical questionnaires and input from colleagues, and developed our own HIPAA compliant, cloud-based hosted software called CareCDS.

What sets our clinical decision support platform apart is the application of big data to patient care and the ability to consider a holistic view of a patient’s life in order to distill more precise insights for the physician from which to draw up value-based treatment options.

Q: Sounds exciting – can you tell us a bit more about CareCDS?

DR. PATEL:  Surveys are personalized and automatically deployed based on patient visit type. These contextually intelligent & personalized questionnaires gather critical data from patients as they sit waiting to be seen. In addition, our clients can also edit or customize the questionnaires to fit the needs of the patient and or the practice.

The information collected helps extend clinical teams, supports complicated clinical workflows, and gathers valuable data for reporting purposes such as registries, satisfaction, incentive reporting, billable services, referrals, etc. Based on client feedback to date, using CareCDS has also resulted in improved interactions and engagement between the patient and the healthcare team. But one of our biggest differentiators is that CareCDS separates itself from competitors by linking clinical information to downstream actions, both local and/or remote, furthering efficiency and revenue opportunities.

And our platform is fully customizable and agnostic to any healthcare setting. CareCDS also is extremely elastic with a multi-tenancy structure allowing us to assist one doctor, a multi-doctor practice or even a hospital. And key to our strategy is that CareCDS can operate in stand-alone mode and onboarding a new practice can take as little as a few minutes to get started. With multi-language translation features, we are simultaneously preparing for entering numerous foreign markets at this time.

Q: How are sales progressing?

DR. PATEL:  CareCDS is now commercially available, and we now have a major channel partner in Dood Consulting – marketing and selling our solution using a software as a service (SaaS) model in the US and abroad.

Our first cross-border enterprise contract represents $2M in USD sales alone in 2018.

Q: Exciting! How about in Canada?

DR. PATEL:  Because of the different reimbursement programs in Canada, we are building strong B2B applications that live between the clinical data world and health vendor ecosystems. This will provide many opportunities for our partners to benefit by being a part of CareCDS, and will help maximize revenue potential in Canada for our partners as well as for Next Healthcare.

How has WEtech Alliance supported your business to date?

Dr. Patel (r) & WEtech EIR Deborah Livneh at Hacking Health.

DR. PATEL:  We joined WEtech in 2015 when we were in our conceptual stage of development.

Deborah Livneh – who is the Entrepreneur-in-Residence – opened opportunities where we could connect with the right people – which was very helpful.

In addition, Yvonne Pilon and Irek Kusmierczyk assisted us along the way as supporters, advisors and connectors including participating, mentoring and judging at Hacking Health the last few years.

WEtech has become a valuable asset in Essex County and we would encourage other companies to connect with WEtech Alliance.

Looking into your company’s future, what are you most enthusiastic about?

DR. PATEL:  The next 18 months will certainly be very exciting at Next Healthcare. We are on track to fund team expansion from 10 people to around 40 in Canada and the United States.

In 2019 we will be taking big strides in terms of partnership integration and regulatory paths in North America while responding to significant interest from international markets.

One of our main goals is to increase company visibility, making inroads into health and life sciences institutions, even competing in health challenges to validate our technology in Ontario while at the same time remaining involved in digital health mentorship opportunities – something we have done through organizations like Hacking Health and the annual cross-border MedHealth Summit in Detroit.

With a fully customizable platform our roadmap will take us outside healthcare into the retail setting. We hope to launch SalesCDS later this year – same great technology but with a different vertical opportunity. We have been exploring and discussing our survey applications with high-value clientele in legal and financial planning, plus the insurance industry, jewelry and a kiosk mode for high-traffic retail/service establishments (restaurants, cosmetics, hair salons, etc.). Based on our initial meetings, our longitudinal data-tracking seems to present new opportunities for retailers with repeat visit clientele.

Q: Next Healthcare has really embraced WEtech initiatives like Hacking Health and the MedHealth Summit.  Tell us about that.

DR. PATEL:  We’ve participated in every Hacking Health the last three years as mentors.  Just the concept of bringing together creative professionals from healthcare, tech and business to work on challenges is phenomenal. You never know where an idea will come from, or where you’ll find a great employee or build that cross-border relationship which can open a door.

Hacking Health is fertile ground for all three, so we plan on being there April 13 & 14 at St. Clair College for Hacking Health Windsor + Detroit IV.

We are also planning to attend the MedHealth Summit the following week in Detroit in order to keep developing those business relationships and network with other entrepreneurs, innovative businesses, healthcare organizations and venture-backed health portfolio investors.  You could say we are taking full advantage of the great potential of this rich and diverse cross-border med-health community.

Dr. Ketan Patel (r), Co-Founder of Next Healthcare participating in the 1st Hacking Health Windsor + Detroit.

Q: How can interested people or organizations connect with you?

DR. PATEL:  We can be reached via our website and I can be reached directly at



Client Spotlight: Clinic Seeker

We caught up with Clinic Seeker CEO Lisa Jacobs to get the latest on what her company has been up to.

Tell us a bit about Clinic Seeker.

Clinic Seeker is a free mobile healthcare app that can be downloaded from the Apple or Google Play store. Clinic Seeker will quickly identify the closest and most appropriate Walk-In Clinic, Urgent Care, Nurse Practitioner-Led Clinic, Emergency Department and Mental Health Walk-In Clinic.

What products/services do you provide?

All healthcare information for each facility is provided which includes address, hours, phone and fax numbers, website, directions and currently crowd-sourced wait times. The unique benefit to the user is the ability to quickly determine which clinics provide on-site lab and x-ray services, along with their

phone number and hours of operation. A slide out tab with one click dialing for Telehealth, poison control, the crisis center hotline, and a number for Ontario residents looking to find a family doctor or nurse practitioner is also provided.

Anything new and exciting happening within your company?

The last few months we have been working with Splice Digital, a leading digital innovation company in Windsor, to create a portal for healthcare facilities to be able to update their hours daily, enter an estimated wait time, and input information they would like to share daily.  This feature will be available within the next couple of weeks. We will be keeping the crowd-sourced wait time feature, but recognize healthcare facilities should also have the ability to enter their current wait time.

Clinic Seeker CEO Lisa Jacobs makes her Digital Innovation Challenge winning pitch to Splice Digital during Tech Week YQG

How has WEtech Alliance supported your business to date?

Being named one of the top six start-ups in Windsor-Essex through the WEtech Libro StartUp program has helped Clinic Seeker achieve milestones. The WEtech team has stood behind Clinic Seeker from the beginning. Working with Adam, learning how to engage partners in innovation strategy and consumer engagement has been extremely valuable while working together with community partners.  Knowing how to “pitch” to different stakeholders in the healthcare system from patients to community partners has been instrumental in moving forward.

Looking into your company’s future, what are you most enthusiastic about?

Clinic Seeker has had some bumps along the way like any new start-up, and we are excited about new partnerships as we are preparing to move forward across Canada. Connecting patients to the right place, at the right time for the right care

If you could have coffee with any business leader or industry expert, who would you choose, and why?

If I could have coffee with an industry expert it would be William Charnetski, the Chief Health Innovation Strategist for Ontario. He is an accomplished national and global executive who has worked transformational change, developing organizations, leading people to realize their full potential, fostering internal and external partnerships and collaboration, and delivering results. Truly inspirational.

William Charnetski is the Chief Health Innovation Strategist for the Government of Ontario

Where can people find you online?

Facebook: /ClinicSeeker
Twitter: @ClinicSeeker

LinkedIn: /clinic-seeker


Applications Now Open for Tech Week YQG Digital Innovation Challenge

On Wednesday, November 15, 2017 Splice Digital Inc. together with Windsor Essex Economic Corporation and WEtech Alliance, will be hosting our region’s first “Digital Innovation Challenge” during Tech Week YQG. If you have an innovative digital product, app or web concept, we can’t wait to hear your pitch. The Digital Innovation Challenge is open to Windsor-Essex residents of all ages.

An application is required whereby 10 finalists will be chosen to compete and present on Wednesday, November 15, 2017. The presentations will be held at the Institute for Border Logistics on 3475 Wheelton Drive, Windsor, ON beginning at 9:00 am. All finalists will pitch to a panel of judges and audience members who come from a variety of sectors including economic development, finance, IT and government.

The following criteria will be used to score each applicant:

  • Innovation – the unique nature of the digital product
  • Purpose – what benefits does the digital product offer
  • Commercialization – does the digital product have market potential and why

The winner of this challenge will receive the following:

  • 40 hours of development work valued at $5,000.00 donated by Splice Digital Inc.
  • Recognized on Splice Digital Inc.’s website and social media
  • Lunch with incubators, small business developers and business support
  • A chance to present to WECAN – Windsor Essex Capital Angel Network’s investor group

For more information or to apply visit,

For complete details on Tech Week YQG, visit

New creative awards solidify Douglas Marketing Group’s leadership in strategic public health and community care campaigns

Windsor/Detroit – Sep 7, 2017 – Douglas Marketing Group (DMG), an international marketing and communications firm with a 25+ year history of award-winning creative initiatives in a variety of business and consumer categories, is pleased to add several new awards to its collection.

A long-time leader in the development of wide-reaching healthcare branding campaigns that incorporate community education and fund development, DMG’s most recent awards encompass bold messaging in the areas of mental health and senior and community services.

DMG received a gold Summit Creative Award in the Complete Branding category for the Victorian Order of Nurses (VON) of Windsor-Essex County. VON is longest-serving home and community health care charity in Canada. From launch event to visual and written messaging across a variety of communication channels, including fund development materials, direct mailers, website banners, online advertising, media and public display materials and banners, DMG succeeded in positioning VON of Windsor-Essex as the center of community care, with opportunities for strategic partnerships with complementary community groups to further expand VON’s social service message and capabilities. Of special note is DMG’s “It’s time we cook for you!” packaging and positive messaging for VON’s Meals on Wheels food delivery program.

Kay Douglas, DMG founder and president, commented on the VON campaign.

“With VON of Windsor-Essex, we welcomed the challenge of finding the right mix of communication tools to reach both a senior audience and those who care for them, as well as niche groups such as military veterans and charitably-minded individuals and community groups,” Douglas said. “The Summit Creative Award affirms our success in effectively tapping into multiple new and traditional messaging platforms, and we are grateful for the recognition.”

In the area of community mental health, DMG worked with the Canadian Mental Health Association of Windsor-Essex to create the Sole Focus Project – Take a Stand for Mental Health (, winning a bronze Summit Creative Award in the Integrated Campaign/Not for Profit category and a previously announced Platinum Hermes Creative Award and a Gold Aster award for “Total Advertising Campaign in Healthcare Education.”

Designed to increase mental health awareness and community support for a mentally healthy region, as well as to create a legacy fund for education, training and treatment, t he Sole Focus Project was launched in two parts – through a teaser and reveal campaign – and engaged participation from local leaders across business, media, community, sports and more.  In the teaser campaign, identities were hidden by green shoe “soles” until the official campaign launch. From there, recognizable faces were revealed across the region through billboards and social media. The strategy behind the creative was to profile the people of Windsor-Essex as strong ambassadors for the cause. Broad reach through traditional and online channels was further magnified through communication partners in a variety of business and community sectors. Ultimately, people across the region were sharing their stories using #showyoursole, sparking important conversations and creating visible impact across the region.

DMG’s proprietary marketing brand management software and visual roadmap, DMG Big Picture Landscape® and its companion software,  ROIAlly®, the strategic marketing return on investment budget tracker, were used for the award-winning campaigns.  As an example of the power of the software to help clients meet marketing and fundraising goals, The Sole Focus project has already grown from two strategic partnerships to 23, enabling the client to more rapidly reach their fund development goal. Douglas notes the progressive adaptation of both software tools by CMHA have been tools for success.

“Not-for-profit organizations are recognizing the importance of streamlining and creating tools that expand a consistent message efficiently,” Douglas said. “The use of technology-based management of campaign materials, while tracking use and outcomes, must become the standard for organizations competing in the marketplace for awareness, funding and donations.”
With an early focus on technology, DMG’s proprietary software and trademarked and licensable marketing campaigns have been a key agency differentiator throughout the firm’s 25+ year history.  In addition to healthcare and community outreach and education, DMG uses its signature online/offline marketing strategies to reach target audiences in business, manufacturing, spirits, tourism, hospitality, and food production and processing. Boasting an international presence in both Canada and the U.S., the firm is also a thought leader in cross-border marketing initiatives. DMG is a multi-year winner of the Summit Creative, Aster, and Hermes Creative awards in categories including packaging, consumer websites, business to business websites and video production.

About Douglas Marketing Group  
Celebrating a quarter century of providing art- and technology-infused, relationship-based marketing solutions, Douglas Marketing Group (DMG) is the visionary behind the marketing brand management software and visual roadmap, DMG Big Picture Landscape® and its companion software, ROIAlly™, the strategic marketing return on investment budget tracker. With offices in Detroit, Michigan and Windsor, Amherstburg and Welland, Ontario, the full-service marketing and communications firm offers international reach and local appeal. Learn more at  

Another Round of WEtech’s WINnovation Fund Provides $5,000 in Funding to Clients

WEtech is pleased to announce that it has provided direct dollars through the WINnovation Fund totaling $5,000 to two of its clients. Formerly known as the Regional Advisory Service Fund (RASF), startup related activities undertaken by clients included specialized service provider support, search engine optimization, product development, and marketing/communications activities.

The Q1 recipients include:

  • Spiritual Soldiers is a clothing line with all profits going back to recovery homes in Southwestern Ontario.
  • Infinit Nutrition is a custom sports nutrition company that formulates and manufactures products to fuel recreational athletes through to professional and Olympians.

The WINnovation Fund is supported by the Ontario Network of Entrepreneurs (ONE). The ONE is made up of regional and sector focused organizations that WEtech Alliance is proud to represent for the Windsor-Essex and Chatham-Kent Regions and is designed to help Ontario-based entrepreneurs rapidly grow their companies to facilitate job creation.

Clinic Seeker Announces New Partners Security One / Numactive and Kelcom Wireless

Clinic Seeker Inc. recently announced that it has partnered with corporate sponsors Security ONE/Numactive and KELCOM Wireless to help increase awareness of the Clinic Seeker app available on Google Play and the App Store.

Clinic Seeker is a mobile app that directs you to the closest health care facility with the shortest wait times. Clinic Seeker instantly provides basic information such as directions, contact information, hours of operation as well as whether it has labs and x-ray services onsite. In addition, patients waiting at the clinic or ER can share information on wait times, letting others know which clinics are running smoothly and which backlogged clinics to avoid.

“We are excited to have Numactive and KELCOM helping us get the word out.” says Clinic Seeker Founder and CEO Lisa Jacobs. “We are already seeing a dramatic increase in downloads and people posting wait times.” she said.

Numactive is a Canada-wide leader in medical alert systems and is offering a $150 membership renewal rebate or a $50 rebate for customers awarded weekly for people that download and install the app. “We are much aligned with Clinic Seekers philosophy of helping people get the right medical attention when and where they need it. We have been doing this with our medical alert systems since 1978 and feel Clinic Seeker is an important partner for us.” says Security ONE/Numactive Director of Marketing, Corey Robertson.

KELCOM has been providing businesses and consumers with high quality communication solutions since 1969 and is offering a $75 Gift Bag stuffed with wireless accessories in a draw every two weeks to a Clinic Seeker user that enters clinic wait times. “With the customer always in mind, KELCOM strives to offer the most cutting edge products and services, to businesses and consumers across Southwestern Ontario.” says Jake Kigar, marketing coordinator for KELCOM Wireless. “We feel Clinic Seeker is one of these services and we are proud to be a sponsor” he said.

The app has also received support from Essex-Windsor EMS and Windsor Regional Hospital, who applaud the effort to assist patients in locating alternatives to the Emergency Department where resources are often focused on the most critical cases, leaving longer waits for non-critical patients.

The contest runs through August 31st, 2017.

Clinic Seeker is free to download on Google Play and the Apple App Store.

About Clinic Seeker

Clinic Seeker ( is an online platform and mobile app that provides Canadians with the tools to find a health care provider that meets their specific needs. With waiting rooms at an all-time high, this unique application provides you with the geographic location, hours, on-site services, and even wait times (when available), for each health care facility. Clinic Seeker takes the guesswork out of finding the right help at the right time.

Lisa Jacobs ( Founder & CEO)


About Security ONE/Numactive

Security ONE has been locally owned and operated since 1978, providing peace of mind to Southwestern Ontario for over 30 years, and is a member of the Better Business Bureau, Canadian Alarm & Security Association (CANASA), and is listed with Underwriters Laboratories Canada (ULC).

Security ONE offers 24/7 monitoring on security systems, personal medical alarms, low temperature sensors, rising sump pump levels, and asset protection, all done from a local monitoring station.

Media Contact for Security ONE/Numactive:

Corey Robertson, Director of Marketing

519-326-2020, ext 2310

About KELCOM Wireless

KELCOM Wireless is a leading TELUS and Koodo authorized dealership in Southwestern Ontario providing local business and consumer clients with communication solutions since 1969. With the customer always in mind, KELCOM is committed to introducing our clients to the most innovative solutions available to our market, year over year.

Media Contact for KELCOM Wireless

Jake Kigar, Marketing Coordinator

Client Spotlight: Powerball Technologies

We caught up with Danielle Gifford, Sales & Marketing Coordinator with Powerball Technologies to get the latest on what the company has been up to.

Tell us a bit about Powerball Technologies.

Powerball is a leading augmented reality 3D commerce platform for the North American Furniture and Interior Design Industry.

How did you come up with your company name?

The name of our company is Powerball Technologies but everyone knows as the “ÖG” guys and gals. OG is the name of our app and is a play on words. Pronounced as “aug” it is short for augmented which is the technology behind our solution.

Ög – Augmented Design App Game changing tech meets world-class furniture.

What products/services do you provide?

We boost sales for furniture companies and interior design firms by bringing to life furniture products such as sofas, patio furniture, and wall art in customer’s home setting. We’ve developed an augmented reality commerce solution that allows users to explore their favourite furniture pieces in 3D while shopping online – giving them the opportunity to zoom in on small details from all angles. Best of all, we allow shoppers to transport the experience from the web into their living room with our Og platform, which uses augmented reality technology to bring products to life.

Anything new and exciting happening within your company?

With the growing number of orders, we’ve expanded our team from two members in January to seven members today. We are also working on an exciting in house project, so make sure to keep an eye out for any big news!

How has WEtech Alliance supported your business to date?

From the beginning WEtech has been there- mentoring, connecting, championing our efforts. We are honoured to be part of WEtech’s Libro StartUP program which provides us many opportunities like having one-on-one sales coaching from Adam Frye.

Some of the ways that WEtech Alliance has supported Powerball Technologies to date.

Looking into your company’s future, what are you most enthusiastic about?

As augmented reality starts to heat up we are really excited about the interest we’ve received from the local and national tech community. It’s exciting to capitalize on evolving technology and being a leader in the tech movement that’s happening around the globe.

If you could have coffee with any business leader or industry expert, who would you choose, and why?

If I could have coffee with any business leader it would be Seth Godin – although he would have a tea because he kicked caffeine years ago. I’ve read Godin’s books in first year university, his work on how ideas spread, marketing, leadership, and his history in start up companies is inspirational.

SETH GODIN is the author of 18 books that have been bestsellers around the world and have been translated into more than 35 languages. He writes about the post-industrial revolution, the way ideas spread, marketing, quitting, leadership and most of all, changing everything.

What excites you most about the local tech community?

Windsor is a booming hub for technological innovation. There are many resources such as the Downtown Windsor Business Accelerator and the University of Windsor EPICentre that offer a space for entrepreneurs to transform their ideas into reality!

What tech gadget or resource (book, blog, magazine, app, website, etc.) has played a role in your company growth?

Fast Company has played a major influence in our company growth. It’s unique editorial focuses on innovation in technology, leadership, and design which has inspired us to think beyond our traditional boundaries, lead conversation, and create a company culture like no other.

Fast Company is the world’s leading progressive business media brand, with a unique editorial focus on innovation in technology, leadership, and design.

What idea(s) do you have to help accelerate our local tech community?

Right now, I think to accelerate our local tech community it would be important to host our own networking events such as hackathons and community talks. Being a border city gives us a huge advantage for sharing connections and resources to help accelerate businesses in the North American markets.

Where can people find you online?

Facebook: /PowerballTech
LinkedIn: Powerball Technologies


ITOS Oncology Official Launch

Media coverage from WEtech Client ITOS Oncology’s official launch party at Hotel Dieu Grace Healthcare on Wednesday, July 5th 2017.

Windsor Biomed Startup Could Become World Leader In Cancer Testing

Dr. Lisa Porter, Dr. Rasna Gupta, Dr. Sabeena Misra, Dr. Raj Atikukke, Dr. Caroline Hamm (by AM800’s Peter Langille)

Via AM800 – Peter Langille

A Windsor-based bio-med startup is leading the country in DNA sequencing for cancer diagnosis.

ITOS Oncology is based in a space at Hotel Dieu Grace Healthcare.

They use specialized equipment to sequence DNA at a level of detail only found in research labs in Canada.

Company Founder Dr. Govindaraja (Raj) Atikukke says there’s only one other centre in North America offering this kind of testing commercially.

Windsor on cutting edge of cancer treatment research

Dr. Raj Atikukke, the founder of ITOS Oncology, uses molecular diagnostic technology to study cancer biopsies looking for DNA mutations that can help pinpoint specific types of cancer. (Meg Roberts/CBC)

Via CBC Windsor

A Windsor biomedical company is rolling out cutting-edge cancer-fighting technology that uses DNA sequencing to precisely identify and combat the disease in individual patients.

Leading the research is Dr. Raj Atikukke, the founder of ITOS Oncology, who uses molecular diagnostic technology to study cancer biopsies looking for DNA mutations.

Those mutations in a person’s genetic road map tell Atikukke the specific form of cancer he’s looking at, which then allows for a more precise, less harmful treatment.

“You don’t have to use a cocktail of different chemotherapy, you can use one targeted drug in a patient,” Atikukke said during a presentation of his work Wednesday morning.

New Windsor company aims to personalize cancer treatment

Raj Atikkuke, a molecular medicine and genetics researcher and founder of ITOS Oncology, speaks to reporters following a media event discussing the latest cancer research technology at Hotel-Dieu Grace Healthcare, July 5, 2017. Dax Melmer / Windsor Star

Via Windsor Star – Ann Jarvis, Published on: July 5, 2017

Bladder cancer progresses quickly in some patients but not in others. Why? The answer is probably in the cancer cell genes.

Somewhere in each cancer cell are genes that have mutated. If those genes and their mutations can be identified, they can be targeted with treatment that is more effective and has fewer side-effects.

It’s personalized cancer treatment.

Windsor company using cutting edge technology to personalize cancer treatment

Govindaraja (Raj) Atikukke, chief technological officer and founder of ITOS Oncology, explains how next generation sequencing technology works inside his lab space at Hotel-Dieu Grace Healtcare’s Tayfour Campus July 5, 2017. – Tom Morrison

Via Our WindsorBy Tom Morrison

A Windsor company is partnering with researchers by using its DNA sequencing technology to determine ways to personalize treatments for cancer patients.

ITOS Oncology is now operating out of Hotel-Dieu Grace Healthcare’s Tayfour Campus. Founded by Govindaraja (Raj) Atikukke, the company has the only next generation sequencing technology between Windsor and London.

The equipment can determine which DNA from a cancer biopsy is susceptible to mutations and have researchers and clinicians use that information towards care for individual treatment or drug development.

Local Company Helping to Target Cancer at its roots

Photo by Mike Kovaliv Photography

Via Snapd WindsorPhotos by Mike Kovaliv Photography

ITOS held a special media event at the Ken Lewenza Sr. Lobby, Hôtel-Dieu Grace Healthcare to not only explain what their research means for cancer patients in Windsor/Essex but also the future of cancer research today. ITOS held a special media event at the Ken Lewenza Sr. Lobby, Hôtel-Dieu Grace Healthcare to not only explain what their research means for cancer patients in Windsor/Essex but also the future of cancer research today.

‘Game-changing technology’ is coming to Windsor

Via CTV Windsor

Client Spotlight: Infinit Nutrition Canada

CEO Darcy Haggith shares some of the exciting growth of his company, Infinit Nutrion Canada in this Client Spotlight…

Tell us a bit about Infinit Nutrition Canada

We are a custom sports nutrition company that formulates and manufactures products to fuel recreational athletes through to professional and Olympians. We ensure athletes stay hydrated and energized throughout any sport and provide recovery options to ensure they recover quickly, avoiding muscle soreness and fatigue.

Darcy Haggith (right), CEO of Infinit Nutrition Canada with Multiple Ironman & Half Ironman Champion Lionel Sanders (left) and Fastest Ironman Ever, Melissa Bishop – 2015 Pan Am Gold Medalist, 2x Olympian.

How did you come up with your company name?

After using the product from the US, the rights to run Infinit Nutrition in Canada were obtained.  As a separate entity we proudly extended the name to Infinit Nutrition Canada – all of our operations centred in Windsor, Ontario.

What products/services do you provide?

We provide blends that are formulated specifically for a given sport as well we provide blends that are formulated specifically to an athlete’s specific needs and preferences.  For custom athletes we conduct a 30 minute nutritional consult, in which we determine the athletes chosen sport, goals, sweat rate, sodium:sweat concentration and personal preferences in order to formulate a product that will precisely meet their needs, allowing them to achieve their full athletic potential.

Anything new and exciting happening within your company?

We continue to grow our business supporting endurance athletes like Melissa Bishop and Lionel Sanders.  We have developed a comprehensive Hockey product that involves sweat testing, performance nutrition coaching and periodized sports nutrition designed to support players growth and development both during the season and during strength training periods.  Ideal candidates are young players looking to be drafted into the CHL or obtain scholarships.  The exact program utilized with Calgary Flames defensemen Dougie Hamilton since 2010.

Some of the professional athletes fueled by Infinit Nutrition Canada

How has WEtech Alliance supported your business to date?

WEtech has provided business mentoring, provided opportunity to present to community business leaders and have provided market intelligence.  In a few words WEtech have been a support to a small business on a personal level that has been invaluable, they understand the challenges and are quick to provide recommendations and make personal introductions to other business leaders.  They are like a trusted coach, looking out for our success.

Some of the ways that WEtech Alliance has supported Infinit Nutrition Canada to date.

Looking into your company’s future, what are you most enthusiastic about?

We are most excited about what our customers say about us and how they continue to be loyal customers.  We have experienced double digit growth since our inception in 2006, with a new storefront and manufacturing facility in place we have created excess capacity, we believe we are at a tipping point, we are attracting 100 new clients weekly.  Our goal is to quickly out sell our current facility’s capabilities.

If you could have coffee with any business leader or industry expert, who would you choose, and why?

That’s a tough question. It would be someone like Matthew Corrin – he has a firm set of values that he works within and a keen sense of how to promote his business to eager and hungry patrons that fuel Freshii’s incredible growth/success.  He is clear evidence that getting off the easy path can change lives and fuel business performance.

Freshii CEO Matthew Corrin | Photo by Peter J. Thompson/National Post

What excites you most about the local tech community?

This is going to sound funny, but I am excited about what we don’t know. The impact of Search Engine Optimization and effective use of social media will spread the word like wildfire.  We get to fuel our Olympians for a reason. We are still relatively unknown. When people hear what we do, they are amazed, just as I was as an Ironman athlete in 2004 when I first became a customer.  We look to local techies to help drive this Windsor/Canadian brand.

What tech gadget or resource (book, blog, magazine, app, website, etc.) has played a role in your company growth?

Our biggest differentiator is our online custom process, our model allows us to efficiently produce a product that is tailored to each athlete that and is produced at a safe concentration, one that will be easily absorbed.  Our growth is fueled by our performance, when athletes fuel with us we immediately simplify their nutrition and dramatically affect their performance, they tell their friends and fellow athletes.  We look to accelerate this word of mouth promotion through our TeamInfinit blog and social medial channels: Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.  We have recently launched and Ambassador program that looks to be helping as well.

What idea(s) do you have to help accelerate our local tech community?

The biggest idea is to share and network with other business owners as we continue to learn about new technology, so we can appropriately apply to our respective businesses.  Often a common technology applied to another business can pay huge dividends.

Anything else you’d like people to know?

We are so passionate about seeing people perform and live to their fullest potential.  Research conducted with Dr. Stuart Phillips, one of the world’s leading protein and muscle experts has brought awareness to the role nutrition can play in not only how we perform, but also how we can thrive long into our years.  Through adequate protein ingestion and light training we can avoid conditions that have seem to become common place in our North American population, exciting that much of what ails us is preventable through simple nutrition.  Happy to be involved in this space.  If we keep moving, we can keep moving!

Client Spotlight: Brewin’ Bros Beverage Company


We recently caught up with the Bros behind Brewin’ Bros Beverage Company. Here’s what he had to say…

Tell us a bit about Brewin’ Bros Beverage Company.

We’re two young entrepreneurs trying to make a dent in the iced tea industry. We brew high end teas with our “super active” ingredient activated charcoal.

What products/services do you provide?

We brew, bottle, distribute and retail our tea all throughout Windsor Essex County.

Anything new and exciting happening within your company?

We’re expanding at a rapid rate. We’re now looking to get our bottles tested for prolonging its shelf life.

Where can people find you online?


Facebook: BrewinBros

Instagram: BrewinBros

How has WEtech Alliance supported your business to date?

WEtech has supported us in strategic planning and financial funding. A huge thank you to the WEtech team for taking us in and pushing our product line to a new stage!

Looking into your company’s future, what are you most enthusiastic about?

That rapid growth will one day bring us to a national level, supplying teas across Canada.

If you could have coffee with any business leader or industry expert, who would you choose, and why?

Walter James Treliving, owner of Boston Pizza, because his expertise in franchise growth and distribution is a great example to our company. It would be awesome to chat with him and see how he does it all.

Jim Treliving. QMI Agency file.

What excites you most about the local tech community?

It is important to have a strong local tech community because much of what we do relies on technology and social media. Our job is made easier by being surrounded by people that are involved in that community.

What tech gadget or resource (book, blog, magazine, app, website, etc.) has played a role in your company growth?

Social media has played a big role in the growth of our company. Both Instagram and Facebook has allowed us to spread to a multitude of individuals around Windsor.

Looking into your company’s future, what are you most enthusiastic about?

That rapid growth will one day bring us to a national level, supplying teas across Canada.

CenterLine (Windsor) Limited Named Gold Standard Winner

CenterLine (Windsor) Limited is pleased to announce that, as a winner of Canada’s Best Managed Companies program in 2013, it has successfully retained its status and become a Gold Standard winner in 2017.

This prestigious national award is sponsored by Deloitte, CIBC, Canadian Business, Smith School of Business and MacKay CEO Forums.

“It’s much more than just financial performance,” said Peter Brown, Partner, Deloitte and Co-Leader, Canada’s Best Managed Companies program. “The ingredients to success also include overall business performance and sustained growth. It takes dedication and commitment from the entire organization.”

CenterLine congratulates its outstanding world class staff for its continued dedication to excellence and thanks its many valued customers and suppliers for their contributions to this wonderful achievement.

AlphaKOR Honoured with Trailblazer Award at WEST International Women’s Day Event

Congratulations to AlphaKOR on receiving the Trailblazer Award from WEST of Windsor at the International Women’s Day Gala at the St. Clair Centre of the Arts. The award was sponsored by Biz X Magazine.

Excerpt from the Gala’s program:

AlphaKOR’s commitment and belief in giving back to the community that staff such as Hassan Farhat has been able to share his expertise and personal journey as a newcomer to Canada with WEST clients. AlphaKOR continues to open its doors and provide the clients with an opportunity to learn about career options in the IT sector, the labour market and daily operations of their business.

In addition, AlphaKOR continues to work with WEST to support future initiatives and programs that will benefit Windsor-Essex and offer opportunities for young women and women in our community.

Netmon on the Netmove!

Netmon Inc., a Windsor based Tech Company, has moved to a newly redeveloped business and medical centre at 55 Edinborough Street, Unit 200 which was the former site of the Teutonia Club.

The move is a strategic decision to accommodate recent growth and position the company closer to major arteries in Windsor allowing for faster response times to Netmon’s expanding clientele in Windsor Essex County and Southwestern Ontario.

Employees are thoroughly enjoying their new location that includes a spacious common/lounge area, an expanded IT/Tech lab and a work out/exercise room.

Client Spotlight: P-Pod

Fresh off of his trip to the Water & Wastewater Equipment, Treatment & Transport show in Indiana – the world’s largest annual trade show for environmental service professionals – we sat down with Rob Weir, Co-Founder of P-Pod. Here’s what he had to say…

Tell us a bit about P-Pod

We are a startup that developed and patented an innovative portable restroom that collapses down to 1/3 the size. We didn’t think outside the box, we just made the box smaller.

How did you come up with your company name?

“P” is slang for urinating and pod is play on the Apple brand. It works.

What products/services do you provide?

We supply the portable toilet industry, military and disaster relief agencies with a cost saving product. P-pod is a stackable, foldable, alternative portable restroom. It’s a version of the traditional portable restroom that collapses down to 36 inches high, which can be tossed easily into the back of a small pickup truck or a regular old minivan.

For commercial uses, you can store three times the number of unit in the same space. Its collapsible design allows for better logistics and more efficient storage. That means more profit.

The full-sized 3D printed P-Pod prototype shown in open (left) and collapsed (right) positions.

Anything new and exciting happening within your company?

We’re currently working on a waterless flush toilet. Trying to get IP at the moment.

Where can people find you online?


Facebook: ppodinc

Twitter: ppodinc

LinkedIn: ppodinc

How has WEtech Alliance supported your business to date?

I’ve received support and advice from WEtech’s staff and mentors. I’ve also used many of the young companies in the Downtown Windsor Business Accelerator as well.

What tech gadget or resource (book, blog, magazine, app, website, etc.) has played a role in your company growth?

I am a self-taught designer that will look at anything that involves design and technical drawings: RED DOT, DWELL. DORNOB, PINTEREST, ARCHDAILY and I like to listen to the Wharton business channel on XM.

Just a few of the many early P-Pod concept sketches

Looking into your company’s future, what are you most enthusiastic about?

I think we have a product that will change the industry. There is a possibility that with our modern automotive manufacturing, innovative new collapsible design, ability to keep a very competitive price point, and favourable US dollar we can make a big dent in the market.

What excites you most about the local tech community?

I love where the tool industry is and feel we are producing some world class molds for the auto industry and the tooling the local guys are making is state of the art. St Clair and U of Windsor are helping supply the industry with young talent. I would like to see the local high schools improve there machine shop and CAD classes to funnel more young people into the industry. It is in our back yard. We can develop new tangible, hardware style products from start to finish. I think we need to make a road map for that kind of development. Soft ware is great but you cant code the next restroom or beer dispenser. Windsor could be to hardware, what San Francisco is to software.

If you could have coffee with any business leader or industry expert, who would you choose, and why?

I think I would like to have a coffee with Barry Zekelman. I have admired his story. He is a very wealthy man who is still grounded. Still an ordinary guy. Even the wealthy people in Windsor never forget where they came from. We are a lunch bucket town that never gets much credit for what good natured people we are. But then again we don’t want credit. We just work hard and would rather pull a guy up then push him down.

What ideas do you have to help accelerate our local Tech community?

I think I go back to trying to nurture the guy with the idea. I realize there are way more bad ideas than good. But put a call out to anyone who thinks they have the next heated lunch box or no foam beer dispenser. Give them a forum to present there idea.

Get the angel investor in touch with the CAD designer and the tool maker and the marketing guy and patent lawyer.

Get local government to stop casing the big company with 500 jobs looking for a place to set up tax free.

Cultivate the little guy that might hire 20 or 30 people and be forever thankful.

If you can land 15 or 20 small innovators, you will create a culture of product development.

It’s right here. Every piece of the puzzle is in Essex county. We are smack dab in the middle of the richest economy in the world.

Windsor has to quit using someone else’s road map and play to its strength. We work hard, we show up every day and WE BUILD STUFF!  We are really good at it. We will always need stuff. Stuff is not going be replaced with an app.

Some of my favorite stuff is built here. Cars and booze.

Bring the ideas here instead of Toronto or Detroit.  Then we can hang on to the manufacturing.

Western Michigan has development money they pooled from taxes, corporations and feeder industries.

Focus on one thing. PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT. Get the whole region that Toronto forgot to come together and throw resources at it.

This is who we are.  Teach it in the schools, preach it in the churches. Set the bar high. If our destiny is to build stuff, lets be the very best stuff builders on the planet.

Anything else you want people to know?

If we can focus the energy of the great people of this region on selling and nurturing the thing we do best. Stick to it and not waver. The world will notice. They will seek us out and pay a premium for our skill. Like Swedish furniture and Japanese electronics. Its not cheap. Its good.

Client Spotlight: Simplifly

We sat down with entrepreneur Thom Malone to get the scoop on his company, Simplifly. Here’s what he had to say…

Tell us a bit about Simplify

We have created an algorithm that finds airfares that are incorrectly priced. We then notify our users when that mistake happens allowing them to book flights at a fraction of the original cost.

Simplifly founder Thom Malone on a recent trip to Nara, Japan after scoring a great deal on his flight – $535 – thanks to his company’s price watching algorithm.

How did you come up with your company name?

I wanted something that was clever, easy to remember, and explained what industry the company was in from the name alone, hence Simplifly.

What products/services do you provide?

We currently offer our subscribers email mistake airfare notifications. We are in the process of developing a mobile app that sends push notifications of mistake airfares, and then allows you to book the flight directly in the app. Saving you time and money.

Anything new and exciting happening within your company?

We’re going to be launching a new website at the end of February, and then we will be rolling out our mobile app at the end of March.

Where can people find you online?

How has WEtech Alliance supported your business to date?

WEtech is always ready to support in whatever way they can. Whether it be through general consultation, to business introductions, to evangelising Simplifly, WEtech is always there to support and to see entrepreneurs succeed

Looking into your company’s future, what are you most enthusiastic about?

Developing and deploying an intuitive, simple, and beautifully designed flight booking app is the most exciting thing for us right now.

Thom Malone on a trip to Iceland thanks to a $130 flight discovered by Simplifly.

If you could have coffee with any business leader or industry expert, who would you choose, and why?

Elon Musk. He’s an incredible visionary who has made it his life goal to see humans become an interplanetary species.