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Innovation Economy Council: Building a Manufacturing Juggernaut in Canada

July 7, 2020 @ 12:00 pm 1:00 pm

Learn how Canada can become the next great manufacturing power in the auto, aerospace and medical sectors.

Canada has plenty of pent-up manufacturing capacity waiting to roar to life: both our established manufacturers who are looking for new products to build at scale, and our advanced manufacturers who can out-innovate and out-think global competitors on complex and highly technical products. How do we bring these two streams together to build new manufacturing power in Canada’s auto, aerospace, and medical sectors?

This July 7, the Innovation Economy Council (IEC) invites you to a special discussion on the future of Canadian manufacturing. Panelists include:

Did you know?

Advanced manufacturing accounted for half of the more than 45,000 factory jobs created in Ontario since 2010.

Over the past decade employment has grown 98 per cent in agricultural chemicals, 45 per cent in aerospace, 42 per cent in industrial machinery, 22 per cent in auto parts, 17 per cent in electronic components, 17 per cent in medical equipment, and 14 per cent motor vehicles.

This compares to an average of 7 per cent job growth across all manufacturing industries.

The auto industry remains an economic force, generating $20-billion a year in GDP, directly employing 125,000 people and driving billions of dollars in exports. – IEC Modeling July 2020