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INDUSTRY: Utilities
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ENWIN Utilities Ltd. (ENWIN) is the licensed electricity distribution company serving customers in the City of Windsor, and is responsible for the local distribution of electricity, and the service and maintenance of the local electricity distribution infrastructure.
INDUSTRY: Education
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For the 2017-18 school year the Greater Essex County District School Board (GECDSB) will operate 70 schools - 55 elementary and 15 secondary plus an adult education program and three Agency schools. They have approximately 36,000 students served by 4,700 employees.
INDUSTRY: Long Term Care/Retirement
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Schlegel Villages. Canadian owned and operated, Schlegel Villages manages over 19 quality long-term care and retirement Villages across Ontario. It was 1953 when Wilfred Schlegel bought the family’s first nursing home and today our Villages benefit from a legacy of many years of direct experience co-owning, managing and operating Long-Term Care and Retirement Communities in Ontario.
INDUSTRY: Advanced Manufacturing
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Automate Canada (AC) is a national association representing companies involved in the industrial automation industry as well as service and supplier companies which provide specialized technologies to our industry.


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Alison S.Celeste K.Erin S.Angela L.Justin O.Mark P.Kristen K.
Alison is exploring the opportunity to enhance the performance management system inside of ENWIN. In doing so she will be able to bring a whole new level of meaning to the process, improving the quality of the interactions between managers and employees.

Alison S.

Human Resources Generalist, ENWIN Utilities
Celeste is building the first of its kind, TripAdvisor for Field Trips. A place for teachers, parents, and students to review field trips, connect the trips deeply to learning outcomes, and most importantly to enhance the experience for all those participating.

Celeste K.

Elementary Educator, GECDSB
Erin began by tackling a simple question: "How do we supply materials that we were not expecting to supply in a timely manner?" As head of the warehouse at ENWIN Erin broke down the system of materials ordering throughout the build process and is finding simple efficiencies to solve a big challenge.

Erin S.

Manager, Facilities Fleet & Warehouse, ENWIN
Ange is exploring the experience of transitioning students between grades, and the resources and core elements teachers and support staff lean on through that process. She is developing a toolkit built from her experience and interviews with her colleagues in order to enhance the quality of transitions for high risk students.

Angela L.

Supervised Alternative Learning Teacher, GECDSB
Early on in the process Justin quickly discovered an information gap between ENWIN's customers and their internal systems. He's building the first ENWIN App, making it easier to pay bills, get notified about outages, and of course report any downed trees or street light outages.

Justin O.

GIS Analyst, ENWIN
Mark is exploring the connection between physical activity and learning outcomes in the classroom. He's developing a set of exercises based on grade and class to increase learning outcomes through activities that can be done in the classroom.

Mark P.

Elementary School Teacher, GECDSB
Kristen & Chuck S. are exploring the adoption rates of technology in the classroom and the barriers that exist in accessing and using that technology. They have developed a system inside the board to digitally book out technology in a streamlined way that they are experimenting with in their family of schools.

Kristen K.

Long Term & Occassional Teachers, GECDSB



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