WEtech Alliance Client Perks connect our clients with exclusive discounts on key platforms and services that help accelerate growth. We are continually adding new perks to the list, so check back often.

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Amazon Web Services
Amazon Web Services provides startups with low cost, easy to use infrastructure needed to scale and grow any size business. AWS Activate is a program with resources designed to help startups get started on AWS. Join some of the fastest-growing startups in the world and build your business using AWS.
CLIENT PERKS: $10,000 in AWS Promotional Credits; 1 year of AWS Business Support (up to $5,000); 80 credits for Self-Paced Labs ($80 value).
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DocSend is a content management and tracking solution that provides easy, secure document sharing with real-time, actionable feedback.
CLIENT PERKS: 3 months free ($150 value)
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Google Cloud for Startups
The Google Cloud for Startups Program is designed to help startups build and scale using Google Cloud.
CLIENT PERKS: $3,000 in Google Cloud Platform & Firebase Credits; Invitations to exclusive local Google Cloud events; $500 in Qwiklabs credits; 1 year of free G Suite or discounted upgrades to G Suite Business/Enterprise
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QuickSilk is the easiest way to create secure websites, portals and landing pages. QuickSilk is as easy as Wix, Weebly, Squarespace and WordPress, and as secure as enterprise solutions from Oracle, IBM, OpenText, which cost much, much more.
CLIENT PERKS: Unlimited web hosting, technical support and platform updates; $2,400 discount in the first year and $1,200 off the regular price in year 2.
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DAIR (Digital Accelerator for Innovation and Research) leverages Canada’s investment in the CANARIE national backbone research and education network to accelerate product development and market competitiveness of small and medium-sized Canadian companies. DAIR provides Canadian tech entrepreneurs access to free cloud-based (virtual) compute and storage resources.
CLIENT PERKS: 4 virtual cores (vCPUs); 4 virtual machines; 8 GB RAM; 80 GB storage; 200 GB object storage; NVIDIA GRID GPU; Native OS: Windows Server, Centos, Ubuntu & OpenStack Murano software; Unlimited data transfer
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OVH Digital Launch Pad
OVH supports startups from the creation to the commercialization of a product/service by providing infrastructures, advice and training.
CLIENT PERKS: Infrastructure budget of up to $100,000 to test and deploy your solution; access to OVH experts & partner support; OVH spotlight of your business; educational tools and training
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Hubspot for Startups
The Google Cloud for Startups Program is designed to help startups build and scale using Google Cloud.
CLIENT PERKS: 90% off in year 1 and 50% off in year 2; dedicated strategy consulting; 24/7 customer support; access to exclusive content and webinars; access to world-class inbound marketing, sales and customer service training, education and experts.
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IBM Innovation Incubator
IBM Cloud is a full-stack cloud platform, and supports open source software. IBM Watson is a suite of enterprise-ready AI services, applications and tools that makes it easy for developers and subject matter experts to work together to integrate predictive capabilities with their applications. IBM Blockchain for SMEs is a distributed ledger that can record transactions between parties efficiently and in a verifiable and permanent way.
CLIENT PERKS: 12 months free licenses to IBM Cloud, IBM Watson and IBM Blockchain.
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Cowan Insurance Group
DAIR (Digital Accelerator for Innovation and Research) leverages Canada’s investment in the CANARIE national backbone research and education network to accelerate product development and market competitiveness of small and medium-sized Canadian companies. DAIR provides Canadian tech entrepreneurs access to free cloud-based (virtual) compute and storage resources.
CLIENT PERKS: 4 virtual cores (vCPUs); 4 virtual machines; 8 GB RAM; 80 GB storage; 200 GB object storage; NVIDIA GRID GPU; Native OS: Windows Server, Centos, Ubuntu & OpenStack Murano software; Unlimited data transfer
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QuickBooks Startup
QuickBooks Startup is a financial literacy course for startups that teaches you how to understand your own net worth and how to manage your day-to-day books.
CLIENT PERKS: Free access to the QuickBooks Startup Foundation course; free 1-year subscription to QuickBooks Online Essentials plan.
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Stripe Atlas
Starting a company or incorporate your company in the U.S. can be needlessly complicated—lengthy paperwork, bank visits, legal complexity, numerous fees, and non-obvious decisions about what services to use. Stripe Atlas helps you take key steps to start an internet business—all for one simple fee.
CLIENT PERKS: Formation of a Stripe Atlas LLC or C Corp in the U.S.; tool to issue stock to founders; 1st year of registered agent fees; tax ID filing; U.S. bank account opening; access to the Stripe Atlas Community; free templates for post-formation legal needs.
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Desk Nibbles
Desk Nibbles is a subscription service for businesses to easily order snacks, beverages, fruit, and more to the office.
CLIENT PERKS: 10% off your first order
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A lead generation platform for B2B companies that increases your sales intelligence by integrating your sales and marketing data.
CLIENT PERKS: Lifetime 20% discount; dedicated training sessions; live support chat.
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Indiegogo + Arrow
Indiegogo has partnered with Arrow, a leading technology company, to bring innovative electronic products to life with confidence.
CLIENT PERKS: 1-on-1 engineering help for hardware start-ups; opportunities for flash funding; higher visibility for projects
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Lokalise is a translation management system built for agile teams who want to automate their localization process.
CLIENT PERKS: 6 months free for all features of Lokalise with unlimited keys, seats, and over-the-air mobile SDK MAU.
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Fizz is a multilingual chat platform that translates in 34-languages in real-time. Fizz also offers industry-best Chat and Sentiment Analytics, making chat searchable, track whale sentiment and more. In Unity, it's super simple to integrate, just drag-and-drop! Fizz is platform agnostic.
CLIENT PERKS: 20% off for 6 months
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Oracle Global Startup Ecosystem
Oracle’s mission is to build a thriving global startup community to drive the digital economy based on collaborative partnerships that enable next-generation growth, business development, and drive cloud-based innovation for startups throughout all stages of growth. The Oracle Global Startup Ecosystem works with startups at various stages, from founders in university-affiliated incubators to early stage to scaleups.
CLIENT PERKS: Free Oracle Cloud credits; Migration credits and technical support; engagement opportunities with Oracle's 430,000+ customers; world-class global mentoring program and curriculum; proof-of-concept (POC) development; cost savings and discounts after the free credit period; access to Oracle's product and development teams.
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Hunter IO
Hunter IO is the worlds leading email, domain, and verification search platform. With over 1,500,000 + professionals already on board. Wetech clients get exclusive access to a 30% discount for the first three months of any package.
CLIENT PERKS: 30% off for the first 3 months; 10% off first Yearly plan payment
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Foundersuite makes the leading “funding stack” used by startups worldwide to raise over $1.2 Billion in seed and venture capital.
CLIENT PERKS: 25% discount Monthly subscription for 4 months or 40% off any Annual Subscription.
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BuiltWith® is a website profiler, lead generation, competitive analysis and business intelligence tool providing technology adoption, ecommerce data and usage analytics for the internet. Build lists of websites from our database of 32,453+ web technologies and over a quarter of a billion websites showing which sites use shopping carts, analytics, hosting and many more. Filter by location, traffic, vertical and more.
CLIENT PERKS: 50% off of Basic Plan; 40% off Pro & Team Plans
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Microsoft for Startups
Microsoft for Startups is an innovative new program created to connect #startups with entrepreneurial and technology resources.
CLIENT PERKS: Up to $120k of free Azure cloud for 2 years; Visual Studio Enterprise cloud subscription' Office 365 Business Premium; Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement and Talent; Enterprise grade Azure support access to engineers; NDA roadmap briefings; 1:1 consultations; Architectural Design sessions; customized 6-month go-to-market plan' dedicated marketplace on-boarding support desk; marketplace listing optimization; access to premium go-to-market & sales enablement services.
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SolidWorks Entrepreneur Program
SolidWorks products range from 3DCAD, Simulation (FEA & CFD Analysis), PCB Design, Visualization (Photo Realistic Rendering), Technical Documentation, MySolidWorks online training and much more.
CLIENT PERKS: complimentary 12-month licenses of SOLIDWORKS products for CAD, simulation, visualization and more; MySolidWorks online training; acess to hundreds of white papers, videos and articles; design guidance and unlimited Tech Support from SOLIDWORKS engineers and technical managers; co-marketing opportunities such as speaking at SOLIDWORKS events and promotion in campaigns and social communities.
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DAIR BoosterPacks
BoosterPacks are curated packages of cloud-based tools and resources about a specific emerging technology, built by experienced Canadian businesses who have built products or services using that technology and are willing to share their expertise. hink of it as a speed boost to get Canadian start-ups and early-stage businesses to market faster. BoosterPacks help you understand and experiment with a new technology quickly so that you can adopt it for your business’s unique needs.
CLIENT PERKS: Full access to BoosterPacks; DAIR Cloud Platform; Access to cloud usage; monthly DAIR tenant credits to spend on hosted-in-Canada cloud resources or services; access to an exclusive technical webinar series; technical support via a private Slack channel.
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Yay Images
Supercharge your marketing and branding with a beautiful hand-picked collection featuring over 12 Million High-Quality Royalty-Free images, vectors, and graphics from 11K+ talented photographers to conquer all your business' web, print, design, and marketing needs.
CLIENT PERKS: First 3 months free for new users on any monthly stock image plan.
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Featuring over 1.2 Million beautiful vectors and graphics, VectorGrove is home to one or the largest and most diverse collections in the industry, with a truly Unlimited Plan -- no daily download limit or caps. Standard commercial license is available on all Plans, or for a little more get Unlimited Extended license downloads with our combined plan
CLIENT PERKS: 3 Month Extended Trial
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CKR Provides fast an effective landing page and web development solutions for new startups trying to assess market opportunities, track leads, and connect with a broader audience
CLIENT PERKS: $175 for a custom landing page, includes 1 year free hosting, 2 updates per year, SEO optimization, free SSL certificate, block-based website design, free e-mail service for 1 year for up to 5 email addresses and an easy appointment calendar free for 1 year.
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WEtech Alliance is 1 of 17 Regional Innovation Centres (RICs) across the Province of Ontario. This network grants WEtech Alliance access to an exclusive suite of programs for our clients.

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Smartstart seed fund
The SmartStart Seed Fund (SmartStart) program supports new ventures led by Ontario's next generation of entrepreneurs to help transition their start-ups from product development, to market entry and company building. The program provides seed funding and support for entrepreneurship skills training and professional advisory services to for-profit start-ups that are based in Southern Ontario and less than four years old, helping them grow their start-up and make them investment- and customer-ready. The SmartStart program is delivered by OCE on behalf of the Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario (FedDev Ontario).
CLIENT PERKS: Up to $30,000, including up to $7,500 for entrepreneurship skills training and professional advisory services.
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Embedded Executive Funding helps place a C-level or other senior-level executive with an Ontario-based technology venture to support achieving their next growth milestone. Embedded Executive is funded through the Business Acceleration Program (BAP) to support entrepreneurs of the ONE network. BAP is funded by the Government of Ontario, and delivered and managed by MaRS.
CLIENT PERKS: Up to $50,000 toward the cost of the Embedded Executive's salary.
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Entrepreneurship 101
Created for aspiring founders who want a masterclass in entrepreneurship, this award-winning five-week online course offers weekly mentorship from experts, access to a network of fellow entrepreneurs, and all the tools you need to launch your startup.
CLIENT PERKS: Free access to over 30 video lessons from Canada's top entrepreneurs; 5 hours of learning per week; weekly live online discussions; access to the MaRS E101 community on Slack
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MaRS Market Intelligence (MI) helps startups shape their growth strategies with world-class market research. From research report services to advanced consultative-based offerings, MI empowers companies with data to help them grow and succeed.
CLIENT PERKS: Free access to globally recognized research and reports
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MaRS International Expansion Suite
This service will educate ventures on the current fundraising landscape in their industry and support them with their fundraising strategy.
CLIENT PERKS: Expert advice on international expansion and key insights from fellow entrepreneurs, tools and templates to help you build and execute your expansion strategy, quick access to register for upcoming webinars-and recordings of past webinars
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Investment Data Intelligence
Get tailored data from MaRS and Export Development Canada to inform and strengthen your fundraising strategy.
CLIENT PERKS: A deep dive look at the deal activity conducted by the client's top 5 comparators, Detailed deal analysis spreadsheet including information on capital invested, pre- and post-money valuation and revenue multiples for the most relevant industry and verticals (as identified by the client) over the past 4 years, information on up to 5 target investors (as identified by the client) along with a list of the top 5 most relevant deals completed by each investor.
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As 1 of 29 Canadian Digital Media Network hubs across Canada, WEtech Alliance has access to an exclusive suite of programs that provides our clients with national and international opportunities via workshops, tools, events and funding opportunities.

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Soft Landing
The CDMN Soft Landing program offers qualified, mature startups and scale-ups exposure to business opportunities outside of Canada. Companies can utilize this program to open new markets, close international sales, secure investment and connect with new partners abroad.
CLIENT PERKS: Up to $4,000 in reimbursable expenses; up to 3 months free workspace when landing at an approved co-working space, accelerator or incubator.
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Passport Program
The CDMN Passport program offers qualified companies temporary workspace at any participating hub at no cost. The Passport program is open to Canadian startups and SMEs who are clients of a participating CDMN hub and can clearly define the purpose of their Passport visit. Accepted companies gain short-term use of a physical location and business amenities. Co-working space is provided free of charge and access to standard business services like telephone, internet, meeting spaces and printer/copier are offered where available.
CLIENT PERKS: Free temporary workspace
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The Get There program is a unique opportunity that offers early-stage, high-growth high-potential Canadian tech startups an opportunity to demystify an international market. The program is designed to amplify your network and provide you with tips and tricks to make future visits easier and more cost effective.
CLIENT PERKS: Expert coaching; up to $2,000 to help offset transportation and accommodation costs.
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Global Bridge: Canada - India
Global Bridge: Canada-India helps high-growth Canadian tech scale-ups do business in India. The program is designed to demystify the local business culture, support product localization, validate business models and gain in-market networking opportunities that help companies successfully enter the Indian market.
CLIENT PERKS: 10 weeks of virtual coaching and access to resources; up to $4,000 to help offset travel and accommodation costs.
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