CleanTech Academy



CLEANTECH is one of the fastest growing, innovative sectors of the economy worth an estimated $1 trillion globally and in Canada it employs over 55,000 people across 800 companies – which means it employs more people than the forestry, pharmaceutical and medical device sectors, and has more companies than automotive and aerospace.

And yet many young people are not aware of the tremendous career opportunities in cleantech.

Cleantech Academy hopes to change that.

This summer WEtech Alliance invited thirty high school students from across Windsor-Essex to participate in the ground-breaking Cleantech Academy – a weeklong program that introduces young people to local companies and organizations who operate in the clean tech sector or implement clean technology.

With generous support from the Government of Ontario through the Ontario 150 program – Cleantech Academy provides these students with a life changing experience and a road map to exciting careers in cleantech – a growing sector led by innovative businesses in Windsor-Essex.

We are delighted to share this short video that provides a glimpse of this small but powerful initiative.


We invite you to share it on Facebook and Twitter, and share it with companies and organizations who you think may be interested in partnering on the next edition of Cleantech Academy.

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For more information please contact:

Dr. Irek Kusmierczyk, PhD

Director of Partnerships

WEtech Alliance


Broadly defined – cleantech companies succeed and generate profit by creating products and services that make the world cleaner. Examples of challenges cleantech companies tackle include:


generating, transmitting and storing energy more efficiently


water purification and wastewater management


building eco-friendly vehicles


sustainable farming


engineering stronger and more efficient products


blank9am - 10:30amblankEPICentre @ University of Windsor
blank9am - 10:30amblankFCA - Automotive Research & Development Centre (ARDC)
blank10:30am - 12:30pmblankUnion Gas
blank9am - 10:30amblankFreshwater Ecology Restoration Centre (FREC) in LaSalle
blank10:30am - NoonblankFreshwater Ecology Restoration Centre (FREC) in LaSalle
blank9am - 10:30amblankCentre for Engineering and Innovation (CEI) @ University of Windsor
blank10:30am - 12:30pmblankCS Wind Canada
blankNoon - 4pmblankBoat Tour Detroit River
blank9am - 10:30amblankEPICentre - University of Windsor
blank10:30am - 12:30pmblankEPICentre - University of Windsor



Joyce Entrepreneurship Centre

University of Windsor

2455 Wyandotte Street West – 2nd Floor

Windsor, ON N9B 0C1


Fiat-Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) Canada

Automotive Research and Development Centre (ARDC)

3939 Rhodes Drive

Windsor, ON N8W 5B5


Union Gas

3840 Rhodes Drive

Windsor, ON N9A 6N7


Centre for Engineering and Innovation (CEI)

Room 2103

University of Windsor

2285 Wyandotte Street West @ California Ave

Windsor, ON N9B 1K3


CS Wind Canada

9355 Anchor Drive

Windsor, ON N8N 5A8


Boat Tour Detroit River

Launch: 1 Festival Plaza

Windsor River Cruises

Windsor, ON N9A 7H7


Freshwater Ecology Restoration Laboratory (FREC)

Intersection Front Road (HWY 18) & Laurier

LaSalle, ON