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AppVenture in Python Part 2

May 25 @ 11:00 am - 3:00 pm


Come Join us for our in-person workshop titled AppVenture in Python Part 2 on SaturdayMay 25th, 2024, for boys ages 8 – 12 & 13-17.

This program sets participants on a journey to master app creation through the development of captivating projects, including a Calculator, a hide and seek game, and a secure Signup and Login system using Django for their very own web app! Spread across three progressive levels, students will learn to build applications of growing complexity, making full use of Python’s flexible capabilities.

Materials Required

Learning Resources: Educational materials and documentation will be provided digitally, accessible through Moodle.

Scratch (Level 1 Only): Scratch is a block-based programming language and integrated development environment (IDE) ideal for beginners in coding.

GitHub Code Spaces (Level 3 Only): This cloud-based IDE will be the primary environment for writing, running, and sharing code, ensuring efficient collaboration.

Trinket: An online coding platform that will be used to write, run, and collaborate on code right from the browser.

Learning Outcomes:

Level 1 (Calculator):

· Understand basic application structure using visual programming elements.

· Gain practical experience with event-driven programming by responding to user inputs.

· Learn to manage user interactions through visual components.

Programming Concepts:

· Data Types and Variables: Learners will use different data types and variables to store information such as numbers and strings needed for calculator operations.

· Conditional Statements: These are used to perform different actions based on decisions, like verifying if the entered expressions are valid.

· Functions: Students will create custom blocks to modularize code, enhancing reusability and manageability. These blocks in this project handle button clicks and arithmetic operations.

· Exception Handling: Implementing simple checks to manage common errors, such as division by zero, to ensure the calculator functions correctly.

Level 2 (Hide and seek):

· Develop an understanding of real-time user input handling in games.

· Implement and manipulate graphical elements on a screen.

· Learn about timing and event management in game loops.

Python Concepts:

· Pygame Library: An introduction to using Pygame for game development, which includes setting up a game window, handling events, and rendering graphics.

· Event Handling: Learners will manage and respond to different types of events like mouse clicks and timed events.

· Random Module: Usage of the random module to generate random numbers, which is essential for placing the character in random locations.

· Game Loop: Concepts of a game loop which is fundamental in game development, handling continuous checks for events, updating game state, and rendering.

· Graphical Rendering: Drawing shapes and managing screen updates, crucial for any graphical applications.

Level 3 (Build your own App):

· Django’s MVT (Model-View-Template) architecture: Structuring a web application.

· Authentication: Implementing Django’s built-in authentication system for managing user accounts.

· Databases: Using Django models to create a database schema and handle data persistence.

For further questions you may have on the day of the workshop, please reach out to Windsor.ExposureWorkshop@blackboyscode.com

Or student.help@blackboyscode.com

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May 25
11:00 am - 3:00 pm
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Black Boys Code


St. Clair College
2000 Talbot Road West
Windsor, Ontario N9A 6S4 Canada
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