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Black Boys Code Windsor – AppVenture in Python

April 27 @ 11:00 am - 3:00 pm


The Appventure workshop is a hands-on journey designed to introduce students to app development using Python, tailored specifically for Black Boys Code students. Throughout three progressive levels, students will learn to build a functional application, starting from basic login functionality to displaying items in a list, and finally advancing to wireframing and app completion. Each level will incorporate increasingly sophisticated wireframes to guide the development process.


The objective of the Appventure workshop is to provide students with the essential skills for developing web applications using Python. Through a series of progressive levels, students will learn to create functional apps, starting from basic login features and advancing to displaying items in a list. They will also gain experience in wireframing, problem-solving, and collaboration using tools like GitHub Codespaces and Figma. By the end of the workshop, participants will be empowered to design and implement their own web applications and be prepared for further exploration in software development.

Materials Required

• Computing Devices: Each participant will need a computer or laptop that can run Python and access internet-based resources.

• Learning Resources: All necessary educational materials will be digitally accessible through the Moodle platform.

• GitHub Codespaces: IDE environment provided by GitHub for collaborative coding, enabling seamless development and version control.

• Figma: Wireframing tool used to design the layout and user interface of the application, facilitating the creation of increasingly advanced wireframes for each level.

What Students Will Learn:

Level 1 (Signup/Login Page):

• Introduction to web development principles and user authentication.

• Implementation of a basic signup/login page using Python and Flask/Django.

• Creation of a simple wireframe for the signup/login page.

Level 2 (Display of Items in a List):

• Utilization of data structures to organize and display item information.

• Integration of database for storing and retrieving items.

• Implementation of CRUD operations for managing items in the list.

• Creation of an advanced wireframe for the item list page, incorporating dynamic content.

Level 3 (Wireframes and App Completion):

• Practical application of wireframing tools to design app layouts.

• Development of wireframes for each level, with increasing complexity and functionality.

• Comprehensive understanding of the development lifecycle, from concept to completion.

• Utilization of resources to troubleshoot and overcome development challenges independently.

Concepts covered.

Level 1 (Signup/Login Page):

Python Concepts:

• Variables and data types: Utilizing variables to store user input such as usernames and passwords.

• Conditional statements: Implementing logic to validate user credentials during the login process.

• Functions: Defining functions to handle user authentication and session management.

Web Development Concepts:

• HTTP requests and responses: Understanding the flow of data between the client and server for user authentication.

• HTML/CSS: Creating the structure and styling for the signup/login page.

• Django framework: Implementing a basic web application framework to handle user authentication.

Level 2 (Display of Items in a List):

Python Concepts:

• Lists and dictionaries: Using data structures to organize and manage items to be displayed.

• Database integration: Connecting to a database to store and retrieve item information.

• CRUD operations: Implementing Create, Read, Update, and Delete operations for managing items in the list.

Web Development Concepts:

• Dynamic content: Rendering items dynamically on the web page based on data retrieved from the database.

• Template engines (e.g., Jinja for Flask): Utilizing template engines to render HTML templates with dynamic content.

• Client-server interaction: Understanding how client-side interactions trigger server-side actions to update the displayed items.

Level 3 (Wireframes and App Completion):

Python Concepts:

• Advanced data structures: Utilizing more complex data structures as needed for app functionality.

• Error handling: Implementing error handling mechanisms to gracefully handle unexpected situations.

• Modularization: Organizing code into reusable modules to improve code maintainability.

Web Development Concepts:

• Wireframing: Using Figma to create wireframes for each level of app development, progressively increasing in complexity.

• Deployment: Understanding the process of deploying a web application to a production environment for public access.

• Testing and debugging: Conducting thorough testing and debugging to ensure the app functions as intended across different environments and user scenarios.

For further questions you may have on the day of the workshop, please reach out to Windsor.ExposureWorkshop@blackboyscode.com

Or student.help@blackboyscode.com

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April 27
11:00 am - 3:00 pm
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Ed Lumley Engineering Centre
401 Sunset Ave
Windsor, Ontario N9B 3P4 Canada
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