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Emerging Technologies Speaker Series – Recover & Thrive (Part 4 & 5)

November 12, 2020 @ 2:00 pm - 3:30 pm

his webinar is part 4 & 5 of the Emerging Technologies Speaker Series – Recover and Thrive Program. A virtual journey of entrepreneurship, skills for success, technology and community. It is brought to you by the WindsorEssex Economic Development Corporation in partnership with the WindsorEssex Small Business Centre.

This program is being offered as part of the region’s Women Entrepreneurship Strategy, funded by the Federal Government. This strategy, in collaboration with 5 partners, encourages and promotes women entrepreneurs to start and grow emerging technology businesses. The project also enhances data and knowledge banks to develop a clearer picture of the women entrepreneur ecosystem and increase representation of women entrepreneurs in emerging technology sectors.

* Please note attendance to this webinar is limited to 500 registrants.

Part 4: Into the Mysterious World of a Thinking Business

No question about it, we live in a world that collects data: every action, reaction, and process can be instantly digitized but does that yield knowledge? After all, Big Data without insights is, well, just a bunch of data. And if we are collecting more and more data, and we aren’t getting more and more insightful, then quite simply, we are getting dumber as organizations: we are more and more guilty about not knowing what we could already know!

What’s more, we’ve left a world where everyone talks to everyone and morphed into one where everything can talk to everything; the Internet of Things (IOT) is truly the birth of the trillion-sensor economy and this will make that data collection curve we can’t tame even steeper. Enter chat bots, weather, drones, 5-G communications, wearables, autonomous, and more to our technology years (which are like dog years in terms of advancement) and there is cause for concern but also optimism for opportunity.

Pause for a moment and consider the analytics journey in the last two decades. We started by finding needles in haystacks (data warehousing, columnar databases); then we thought we could find the needle if we added more hay (Hadoop and the big data lake); today we are left to find needles in stacks of needles and this conundrum quite simply has presented us with a pivotal moment: LIFT, SHIFT, RIFT, or CLIFF? 

S.O.S. We’re going to need some help: enter the world of deep learning, cognitive computing, and AI. After this talk, you’ll have a good foundation on the trends and opportunities that have created this unprecedented era of ideation, innovation, and renovation. You’ll learn about Deep Learning and AI, bots, streaming data, IOT (and a couple of other buzz words people tried to impress you with but never do) and how these technologies have been applied across a myriad of forward thinkers across multiple industries – including your own.



November 12, 2020
2:00 pm - 3:30 pm
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