YKNOT Windsor-Essex


This project is a collaboration between WEtech Alliance and the Youth Attraction and Retention Task Force. The project is funded by the Ontario Trillium Foundation.

Our Story
With a history rooted in manufacturing, Windsor is a city that is constantly trying to live up to past expectations. While we’ve forged a great relationship with our friends across the river and become a very multicultural and diverse city, we’re facing a crisis. Many young adults are choosing to leave the area to find meaningful work and a new place to call home because they feel disconnected, unappreciated and underwhelmed. As a result, the economy suffers and local ties are frayed.

We are the knot that bonds young people together with their city and the local resources they need to be successful here. Young talent is the future of Windsor Essex. If we choose to ignore this problem, we’re setting ourselves up for an uncertain future and creating an image that communicates our lack of interest in a growing demographic that is armed with knowledge and is poised to change the world. As individuals we may not have the power necessary to change the future, but together we do. It’s time someone started moulding this city into the young, vibrant, destination we so desperately need it to be. So why not us?

Our Mission
To build a community of inspired young people and connect them with local opportunities, decision-makers, and industry so they can begin to grow and thrive in Windsor-Essex.

Our Vision
A Windsor Essex that young people are actively involved in. A place where we hold meaningful employment, influence big decisions, and make a difference in the community.

For more information, please visit www.yknotwe.com or connect with us on Facebook and Twitter. You can also connect with YKNOT via email at info@yknotwe.com.

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