Windsor web development company lands Federal teachers, provincial education contracts

WINDSOR, ON – Wired Solutions has been chosen by the Council of Ministers of Education, Canada (CMEC) to play a key role in helping foreign-trained teachers integrate into the Canadian labour market.

The company will develop a customized, web-based assessment application that will enable Registrars across the county to better gauge the language skills of internationally-trained applicants, specifically those who cannot provide evidence of completing of an acceptable teacher education program in English or French.

“Occupation specific tools will alleviate concerns that general language assessment tools currently used in Canada cannot provide a consistent snapshot of a candidate’s ability,” explains Daniel ButeauCMEC coordinator. “The identification of pan-Canadian competency benchmarks will lead to the elimination of perceived regional biases for certification.”

Wired Solutions has demonstrated a cooperative approach and a high degree of openness towards meeting the needs of the client.”

The project continues a prosperous run for Wired Solutions, having recently inked a separate licensing agreement that will see its e-learning software available throughout the province for all grade 7-12 classes. The software is designed to target the development of oral communication skills through highly-interactive multimedia lessons, activities and tests. The e-learning program will, in fact, make up the heart of the CMEC web application.

“Our team is very proud to have been selected for these two contracts and look forward to seeing our software being used all across Canada,” says Sharbel Lutfallah, owner of Wired Solutions. “The most rewarding part is hearing students and teachers agree that our software is not only fun and easy-to-use, but actually encourages the students to learn. It’s a very rewarding project to be involved in.”

For more, please contact:

Sharbel LutfallahWired Solutions
Owner, (519) 250-7786

Daniel Buteaucmec coordinator,
Pan-Canadian Education Projects, Council of Ministers of Education, Canada Tel.: 416-962-8100, ext. 233