Member Spotlight: CAMufacturing Solutions

CAMufacturing Solutions
What is CAMufacturing Solutions and what products/services do you provide?
CAMufacturing Solutions is a software company specializing in the development of Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing (CAD/CAM) applications. We are developing products for leveraging new technologies in design/manufacturing processes. The first product integrates additive manufacturing processes into traditional CAD/CAM systems that focus on machining processes. The second product leverages mobile technologies (smart phones and tablets) for viewing and updating manufacturing documents and databases. We also develop custom CAD/CAM software for manufacturers on a consulting basis.
What does the perfect customer look like for you?
We like working with companies that are willing to develop and try out new technologies to get a competitive advantage.
Anything new and exciting happening with your company?
We are working closely a local manufacturer and researchers at the Advanced Manufacturing and Design Recovery lab at the University of Windsor to develop new manufacturing processes utilizing both additive manufacturing and machining.
What’s your favorite technology gadget?
It’s a tie between our CNC machine, on which we’ve machined everything from a crankshaft pulley to a Halloween jack-o-lantern and my new Samsung Galaxy S4 (and it’s data plan…)  Leveraging the Galaxy to help with programming on the CNC machine combines the best of both!
Why did you join WEtech Alliance?
To meet like-minded people and learn what I can from from experts that have ‘been there and done that’. We have been very impressed by Rob Whent. Hopefully someday we will have some wisdom of our own to impart!
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A Windsor Star article on CAMufacturing Solutions’ software engineer: