Make Web Not War Launches Unique Icon Design Contest

A CONTEST FOR CANADA’S DESIGN AND TECH COMMUNITY Today, there isn’t a standardized set of logos that represent web, mobile, cloud, open source and open data. We’d like to invite the Canadian design and tech community to come up with a logo suite that can be used to represent each of these 5 areas. DESIGN AND WIN The top 3 winning logo design suites will be decided by community vote and the MWNW judging team will select the final winner and present the winning logo suite to the management of Microsoft Canada as gesture of goodwill. The winning designer will also be featured in the next featured post on the MWNW website as well receive a prize pack. THE PRIZES Get yourself the next generation of gaming equipment plus national exposure USAGE ON MWNW – Make Web Not War will utilize your designs within our entire properties listings crediting you at all times. INCREDIBLE EXPOSURE – A featured post on the winning design, designer and/or design company on MWNW. XBOX ONE – Get your hands on the next generation of gaming and entertainment. For more information, please visit