Volunteer Judges Wanted for Canada Wide Science Fair May 2014

CWSFVolunteer to judge at the Canada Wide Science Fair at the University of Windsor this coming May 2014!

CWSF is the premier science event for youth in the country! The projects represented at the CWSF are the work of some of the most promising young innovative minds in the country. We are seeking judges from the academic, educational, scientific, or business communities with expertise in one or more of the following areas:

  • Biotechnology;
  • Earth and Environmental Sciences;
  • Engineering, Technology, and Computing Sciences;
  • Health Sciences and Medicine;
  • Life Sciences;
  • Physical and Mathematical Sciences.

The approximately 450 students who qualify for the CWSF come from one of 102 regional science fairs held annually across the county and range from Grade 7 to Grade 12/CEGEP II. These young scientists will compete for nearly $1 million in combined scholarships and awards and will be judged on the depth of their scientific knowledge and ability to communicate their findings to the judges and the public.

Judges should have comprehensive knowledge and experience in their area: many young exhibitors present advanced research projects.  University and college faculty; medical doctors; dentists; pharmacists; health professionals; engineers from all disciplines; scientists; and advanced technical specialists from industry and government are particularly qualified. We are especially seeking qualified professionals fluent in French to assist us in judging this national event. Judging takes place during the evening of May 12 and during the day of May 13 out of this exciting, week-long event.

Financial compensation for qualified judges to travel to Windsor to assist with judging is available but is limited. Please contact us for more information.

The personal rewards from judging are immense – the opportunity to interact with the best of Canada’s future pioneers is a highlight for many of our past judges!

Apply to judge by contacting Edwin Tam, PhD, PEng, at chief.judge@youthscience.ca. Links to additional information can also be found at www.uwindsor.ca.

We need your support to help inspire the next generation of innovators and pioneers! You may even inspire yourself!