Pursue Sports and INAPP Indoor Navigation Join DeskUP

It gives WEtech great pleasure to announce our latest DeskUP Participants: Pursue Sports and INAPP Indoor Navigation! Please join us in welcoming these tech entrepreneurs to the Program!


Pursue Sports
At Pursue Sports we are supplying a complete player development solution for our athletes and partners.  Our focus is to aid athletes – and their teams – tap into their unlimited potential.  Our team uses advanced technological tools to assess current talent, mental propensity for the game, athleticism, and potential to analyze each player individually.  From this we can compare their skills to peers, athletes playing at their goal playing level, or themselves in the past.  This allows us to set realistic goals and determine exactly where the athlete needs improvement.  For more information, visit https://pursuesports.com./

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pursuesports
Twitter: https://twitter.com/PursueSports

Who among us has not been lost on a university campus, in an airport, in a mall, a convention center or large office complex? We all know how difficult it is to find our way around large indoor places where GPS cannot guide us. INAPP’s patent pending indoor navigation technology incorporates robust features with a network of synced wireless devices to locate any person, place or product within a micro-mapped area. The user installs INAPP on their wireless ‘smart’ devices and he or she is no longer disoriented, confused and lost. Building management and security personnel log into their dedicated INAPP portal to track and monitor every user in their building, increasing building safety and security; and, targeting marketing and sales offers to satisfy users’ demands, instantly. Today indoor navigation is the latest trend in mobile technology. INAPP is at the forefront driving this trend with the most complete application available now.

Take a moment to go through our website (www.inapp.ca) and see how INAPP’s indoor navigation is the ideal choice for you. We look forward to answering all your questions and giving you a demo of our feature rich application for both building management and users.

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