My Journey Down WEtech Lane: Jason Tang

By: Jason Tang

Every internship has its challenges! — with Jason Tang at Canada South Science City.

Students of today are plagued with the growing issue of trying to find work, but lack the experience to be noticed by companies and organizations.  That is where; WEtech Alliance came in for me. As a student of the Public Relations program at St. Clair College I was learning all the necessary skills to perform the jobs and duties of a Public Relations Specialist or Communications Coordinator but lacked practical work experience.  WEtech Alliance gave me the opportunity to become their Communications intern.

I didn’t know what to expect but I did know WEtech Alliance assisted and provided expert advice to local technology companies and entrepreneurs through mentorship and more.  What I found at WEtech was a close group of talented individuals eager to help and provide assistance where needed.  Each individual cared deeply about the community, its residents and the region as an investment opportunity.

I worked mainly alongside Yvonne Pilon, who was a great mentor in the areas of social media and corporate communications.  What was inspiring about Yvonne was her ability to get the job done but always do it with a big smile, good humour and great fun.

I was able to help create and assist with many different social media campaigns that were conducted around the city such as Social Media Day back in June and What’s in Gadget Guy’s Basement campaign in September.

I didn’t get a chance to work with everyone directly at WEtech Alliance but I wish to thank each and every one of them for inspiring me to keep reaching for the next big opportunity and to always give back to my community.

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“My time as an intern with WEtech Alliance has come to a close, but I know for sure this isn’t goodbye for me and the WEtech Lane” – Jason Tang

Irek – Thank you for showing me the great importance of giving back to the community and that if you allow your voice to be heard, changes can and will be made.

Karim – Thank you for your inspiring stories and encouraging me to take a leap of faith in my future endeavors including opportunities overseas.

Yvonne – Thank you for the opportunity to join your team and gain not only an amazing experience, but new friends. Dan – Thank you for showing me the true power of our generation and how change can happen, but only with real action.

My time as an intern with WEtech Alliance has come to a close, but I know for sure this isn’t goodbye for me and the WEtech Lane.