Analog Synthesis: Experience the Science Behind Electronic Music

Windsor, Ontario: Saturday, April 11th, Hackforge presents Analog Synthesis, a free workshop on the science of electronics creating sound. From 2 PM to 5 PM at the Fred Israel Auditorium, located in the basement of the Central Branch of the Windsor Public Library (850 Ouellette Ave), experience the world of synthesizers.

Join Hackforge for a discussion of how electronics are used to manipulate the components of sound to create things the ear has never heard before. Come out and play with modular and monophonic music synthesizers and learn how it all comes together in the music you love.

From Kraftwerk to Kanye West, synthesizers have been in popular music for the last forty years. Analog synthesizers physically create sound electronically using circuits and computer techniques. At the workshop, DIY analog synths will be on display, built by Hackforge volunteers.

This free event is great for beginners to synthesizers and is suitable for ages 10 and up.

Hackforge is a community workshop and shared space where creative, technological minds come together. We are located in the basement of the Windsor Public Library Central Branch (850 Ouellette Ave).

Media Contact:

Nik Steel