Member Spotlight: Combustion Techs

What is Combustion Techs?
Combustion Techs is a TSSA registered company specializing in gas fired combustion equipment and thermal systems in both industrial and commercial applications.

What Products/services do you provide?
We provide turnkey projects, installations, on-call service, maintenance programs, calibrations, parts sales for combustion burners or boiler systems as well as HVAC equipment.  We can source any parts from a wide range of leading manufacturers.

Anything new and exciting happening within your company?
Our customer base is rapidly growing. Combustion expertise is a rather niche trade. Our customers are demanding the required knowledge and experience on their types of equipment.  With over 30 years of combined experience,  we can meet and exceed those expectations.
We have just acquired some new software and tools to be able to provide our customers with special data for quality and safety on their process equipment.  This helps them satisfy their regulatory safety requirements and stay within their production parameters.

How did you come up with your company name?
We wanted to keep it simple.  We are who we say we are.

What tech gadget or resource (i.e. blog, magazine, online tool, app, Youtube video, etc) has played a role in growing your company?
So far, our Galaxy Note 3’s have worked great. The functions are all practical and allows us to be mobile.  We have just started using Google drive to help us control our paperwork and allow access to certain files.  It has helped us streamline our process.

What idea do you have to help accelerate our local Tech community. Tell us in 140 characters. We’ll tweet it!
Attract and keep homegrown tech geniuses. This starts with leading edge post secondary education and local, supporting tech companies.

What are your social media links and website URL? (to encourage members to follow you on Twitter and LIKE you on Facebook!)

Twitter: @combustiontechs

Why did you join WEtech Alliance?
I know people who are members who have recommended joining.  We want to be part of an organization with like-minded entrepreneurs and professionals who have similar goals for their businesses, life and communities.