This Computer Girl Just Learned Code!

Computer-Girl - web By Guest Blogger Chase Vachon Hello Tech-lovers! My name is Chase Delaney Vachon! I am ten years old and live in Windsor, ON (Canada). I’m in fifth grade and LOVE tech. When I found out my dad would be working at WEtech Alliance I knew I’d learn a lot about tech. Then when my mom told me about this all girl class on learning how to code that Women’s Enterprise Skills Training was hosting during National Girls Learning Code Day, I couldn’t pass up on the opportunity of learning to make my own website! My dad offered to take me so I wouldn’t be by myself.
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My Dad & I getting ready to code for our first time!

Getting Started

Our instructors were Sathish & Tauseef. They were from a company called AlphaKOR that does coding every day. They were really nice and very helpful. The beginning was rough, not knowing anyone and being shy was hard, but once we got towards the end it became easier to talk to people. I ended up presenting my website to the entire class because they made the environment so positive. It made me feel, happy and it was definitely easy to learn.
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Coding my own website!

Time to Code!

We used a free website called Thimble to do our coding. It was really easy to use. My favourite part was HTML coding. HTML coding is creating the base of your website. CSS coding is making it pretty. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who likes a challenge, even though it is fairly simple. We used a website called to find “web safe” fonts to use. Our instructor taught us to use these fonts because not everyone will have every font installed on their computer and if they don’t have the font we used, their computer will change it for a font that they do have and it might not look right. We also used a website called to help choose the colours for our text. My favourites were #cc7aff, #3ff27e, #fc0aec and #40d6ff.

Introducing KidStarter!

IMG_5840 copy
Presenting my new website in front of the class.
My website is called KidStarter and is about making kids lives more awesome by recommending everything I like to do. Everything was fairly simple to understand, but once you go off of your own it becomes a little challenging.

You Can Learn to Code Too!

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Instructor selfie!
For more information on the coding for girl go check out the Computer Girls page on the WEST website and follow WEtech Alliance on all of their social media! You can also practice your coding on a site called Thank you everyone! Happy coding! IMG_5818 copy