Client Spotlight: Simplifly

We sat down with entrepreneur Thom Malone to get the scoop on his company, Simplifly. Here’s what he had to say…

Tell us a bit about Simplify

We have created an algorithm that finds airfares that are incorrectly priced. We then notify our users when that mistake happens allowing them to book flights at a fraction of the original cost.

Simplifly founder Thom Malone on a recent trip to Nara, Japan after scoring a great deal on his flight – $535 – thanks to his company’s price watching algorithm.

How did you come up with your company name?

I wanted something that was clever, easy to remember, and explained what industry the company was in from the name alone, hence Simplifly.

What products/services do you provide?

We currently offer our subscribers email mistake airfare notifications. We are in the process of developing a mobile app that sends push notifications of mistake airfares, and then allows you to book the flight directly in the app. Saving you time and money.

Anything new and exciting happening within your company?

We’re going to be launching a new website at the end of February, and then we will be rolling out our mobile app at the end of March.

Where can people find you online?

How has WEtech Alliance supported your business to date?

WEtech is always ready to support in whatever way they can. Whether it be through general consultation, to business introductions, to evangelising Simplifly, WEtech is always there to support and to see entrepreneurs succeed

Looking into your company’s future, what are you most enthusiastic about?

Developing and deploying an intuitive, simple, and beautifully designed flight booking app is the most exciting thing for us right now.

Thom Malone on a trip to Iceland thanks to a $130 flight discovered by Simplifly.

If you could have coffee with any business leader or industry expert, who would you choose, and why?

Elon Musk. He’s an incredible visionary who has made it his life goal to see humans become an interplanetary species.