Client Spotlight: Infinit Nutrition Canada

CEO Darcy Haggith shares some of the exciting growth of his company, Infinit Nutrion Canada in this Client Spotlight…

Tell us a bit about Infinit Nutrition Canada

We are a custom sports nutrition company that formulates and manufactures products to fuel recreational athletes through to professional and Olympians. We ensure athletes stay hydrated and energized throughout any sport and provide recovery options to ensure they recover quickly, avoiding muscle soreness and fatigue.

Darcy Haggith (right), CEO of Infinit Nutrition Canada with Multiple Ironman & Half Ironman Champion Lionel Sanders (left) and Fastest Ironman Ever, Melissa Bishop – 2015 Pan Am Gold Medalist, 2x Olympian.

How did you come up with your company name?

After using the product from the US, the rights to run Infinit Nutrition in Canada were obtained.  As a separate entity we proudly extended the name to Infinit Nutrition Canada – all of our operations centred in Windsor, Ontario.

What products/services do you provide?

We provide blends that are formulated specifically for a given sport as well we provide blends that are formulated specifically to an athlete’s specific needs and preferences.  For custom athletes we conduct a 30 minute nutritional consult, in which we determine the athletes chosen sport, goals, sweat rate, sodium:sweat concentration and personal preferences in order to formulate a product that will precisely meet their needs, allowing them to achieve their full athletic potential.

Anything new and exciting happening within your company?

We continue to grow our business supporting endurance athletes like Melissa Bishop and Lionel Sanders.  We have developed a comprehensive Hockey product that involves sweat testing, performance nutrition coaching and periodized sports nutrition designed to support players growth and development both during the season and during strength training periods.  Ideal candidates are young players looking to be drafted into the CHL or obtain scholarships.  The exact program utilized with Calgary Flames defensemen Dougie Hamilton since 2010.

Some of the professional athletes fueled by Infinit Nutrition Canada

How has WEtech Alliance supported your business to date?

WEtech has provided business mentoring, provided opportunity to present to community business leaders and have provided market intelligence.  In a few words WEtech have been a support to a small business on a personal level that has been invaluable, they understand the challenges and are quick to provide recommendations and make personal introductions to other business leaders.  They are like a trusted coach, looking out for our success.

Some of the ways that WEtech Alliance has supported Infinit Nutrition Canada to date.

Looking into your company’s future, what are you most enthusiastic about?

We are most excited about what our customers say about us and how they continue to be loyal customers.  We have experienced double digit growth since our inception in 2006, with a new storefront and manufacturing facility in place we have created excess capacity, we believe we are at a tipping point, we are attracting 100 new clients weekly.  Our goal is to quickly out sell our current facility’s capabilities.

If you could have coffee with any business leader or industry expert, who would you choose, and why?

That’s a tough question. It would be someone like Matthew Corrin – he has a firm set of values that he works within and a keen sense of how to promote his business to eager and hungry patrons that fuel Freshii’s incredible growth/success.  He is clear evidence that getting off the easy path can change lives and fuel business performance.

Freshii CEO Matthew Corrin | Photo by Peter J. Thompson/National Post

What excites you most about the local tech community?

This is going to sound funny, but I am excited about what we don’t know. The impact of Search Engine Optimization and effective use of social media will spread the word like wildfire.  We get to fuel our Olympians for a reason. We are still relatively unknown. When people hear what we do, they are amazed, just as I was as an Ironman athlete in 2004 when I first became a customer.  We look to local techies to help drive this Windsor/Canadian brand.

What tech gadget or resource (book, blog, magazine, app, website, etc.) has played a role in your company growth?

Our biggest differentiator is our online custom process, our model allows us to efficiently produce a product that is tailored to each athlete that and is produced at a safe concentration, one that will be easily absorbed.  Our growth is fueled by our performance, when athletes fuel with us we immediately simplify their nutrition and dramatically affect their performance, they tell their friends and fellow athletes.  We look to accelerate this word of mouth promotion through our TeamInfinit blog and social medial channels: Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.  We have recently launched and Ambassador program that looks to be helping as well.

What idea(s) do you have to help accelerate our local tech community?

The biggest idea is to share and network with other business owners as we continue to learn about new technology, so we can appropriately apply to our respective businesses.  Often a common technology applied to another business can pay huge dividends.

Anything else you’d like people to know?

We are so passionate about seeing people perform and live to their fullest potential.  Research conducted with Dr. Stuart Phillips, one of the world’s leading protein and muscle experts has brought awareness to the role nutrition can play in not only how we perform, but also how we can thrive long into our years.  Through adequate protein ingestion and light training we can avoid conditions that have seem to become common place in our North American population, exciting that much of what ails us is preventable through simple nutrition.  Happy to be involved in this space.  If we keep moving, we can keep moving!