Families First Brand and Technology Launched to Reshape Funeral Services

Windsor May 15, 2018: Families First philosophy is the same today as when they started in 1996 to serve families and to reshape funerals to best tell the story, each fitting and customized to the life lived. Continuing to evolve with the changing landscape Families First moves their brand forward with a campaign, technology and a new website that is in keeping with their mission while positioning to continue to serve families with unique offerings.

“Looking to the future we know that celebrating the life of a loved one is essential in the grieving process and for families to heal from their loss. We have evolved our offerings to better serve families and our brand to reflect our corporate culture and philosophy”, says Families First President, Brian ParentOur over 1,100 registered guests at the Dr. Wolfelt presentation May 14th clearly identifies the need for understanding and education in grieving.

Families First has rolled out a new brand that is a direct result of their passion for serving families and their knowledge of what is important to them. “We Celebrate Life” is the key message and one that provides a sense of hope and encouragement for the families that are dealing with the loss of a loved one. Our recent video that starts the spark of “We Celebrate Life” campaign has become widely popular with over 1,500 views to date.

“The Families First Team is taking our mission to task in all we do. This starts with a true understanding of what is important to the family and what was important to their loved one. We help families tell the story in their own words”, Jen Wells, Vice President of Family Services “Our brand and message is rolling out to educate people on the value of celebrating a life lived and encouraging families to go through the steps necessary to the grieving process framed how best suited for them. At Families First we are dedicated to creating a custom approach to telling a life story.” www.FamiliesFirst.ca

The creative team uses passion and innovation to implement a strong web presence and online accessible tools for brand roll out through DMGBigPictureLandscape® that allows for timely and tracked creativity and innovation. The philosophy, campaign and software are all made in Windsor-Essex of which we are proud to be a part of.


Families First is a family owned and operated funeral services business headquartered in Windsor- Essex with a full team of dedicated professionals with locations in South Windsor, East Windsor, LaSalle and Amherstburg. At Families First our priorities and conduct has one directive, to provide compassionate and comprehensive services for those who have lost a loved one. The decisions, programs, offerings and services are transparent and developed for the primary purpose of serving families. The offerings are customized from an understanding of the grieving’s wishes, respectful of their means and at no time are influenced by commission or sales incentives