teCK Night Chatham-Kent 2


Join WEtech Alliance, Invest CK, Small Business Centre Chatham-Kent and Scribendi for TeCK Night Chatham-Kent 2: A.I. in Traditional Businesses.

This is a unique opportunity to network with the CK tech community and hear from local tech leaders in a fun and informal keg-side chat.

Artificial Intelligence in Traditional Businesses

Artificial intelligence (AI) is slowly being introduced into our everyday lives, and machine-learning systems are already shaping our personal worlds. Google wants to make your house into a smart home, and Tesla wants to make your car intelligent. Even if your house and car aren’t there yet, AI has likely slipped into your life: Amazon helps you find what to buy, Netflix helps you find what to watch, Pandora helps you find what to listen to, and Siri helps you find, well, just about everything else.

Seeing this list, it might seem that AI is only being implemented by media giants and major tech companies, but traditional businesses are uniquely positioned to leverage AI and deep learning to solve business problems and create game-changing products and services. Businesses may not even realize that they are already sitting on what they need to thrive in upcoming years: a wealth of data.

The panel will explore how AI can be used in traditional companies—big or small—to take advantage of data goldmines without busting budgets. Whether you are curious about how to implement AI in your business or want to help other businesses implement AI solutions, come join the discussion.

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