NYN Designs’s Real Estate Solution

Electricity is in the air at NYN DESIGNS’ new location at 1060 University Avenue West. The team led by Rob Novena and Michael Pope is ready to tell the world about their great products and services, including their formidable online Real Estate Solution.

The passion they have for their products could be felt throughout the entirety of our conversation. The uniqueness of their real estate system comes from the fact that at its core, it “performs much better online because it brands all of your listings. Instead of being the by-product of an MLS (multiple listing service) loaded on your page, we can build all the listings as content on your website and submit it to Google/Facebook, ” explained Rob, Partner/President of NYN DESIGNS. In addition, their real estate solution contains a built-in synchronization service where listings can be posted on your website and Facebook page and can be tweeted out to followers on demand. Tony D’Alimonte who works for Remax was the company’s pilot case for their Real Estate Solution (http://www.dalimonte.com/).

They credit some of their robust social media connectivity to the fact that they are part of an exclusive group of Facebook developers. Mike is part of a private and limited group of around 160 seasoned developers (most of whom are Facebook engineers). He was invited to be a part of the group through his development of locality and localization features used and consumed by Facebook. This group has given them a better understanding of the core Facebook features and has allowed them to refine their product’s social media arm.

Rob started NYN DESIGNS when he was at St. Clair College about seven years ago. He started the company as a side project while completing his computer-networking certificate. After his jaunt at the college, he moved to the University, where he met Mike, a Math and Computer Science student. Rob explained the process: “I had a lot of difficulty finding a programmer to convey my ideas. I went through a number of people until I found Mike.” During the last 3-4 years, the duo has been pretty serious about the web world; they just recently moved from their first office in the CIBC building in the downtown core to their new digs on University Avenue. They cite proximity to the University of Windsor as one of the top reasons for the move. They truly care about creating jobs for students to prevent further brain drain in the region.

When asked “why Windsor-Essex”, Rob’s responded with: “pretty easy; it’s where we’re from. We wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. We are comfortable being here, this is our home. [Additionally], securing a larger office cements the fact that we are going to be here for a long time. Hopefully, we’ll be able to bring some of the talent lost to elsewhere back to Windsor.“ Mike added; “Windsor is a hidden gem. There is a tech sector that is being rapidly developed; it’s just not that well-known.“

Five years from now, Mike and Rob see the business growing quickly in size and volume. They’ve added John, a graduate of the University of Windsor’s Masters of Computer Science program, as well as two other individuals, to help grow the business — with plans to hire more developers in the coming months. The company will continue to expand and they are excited to show people their products.

For more information about NYN DESIGNS, check out http://www.nyndesigns.com/ and for more information about Real Estate Solution, please refer to  http://getrealestatesolution.com