Thriver Inc. Announces Donations of 3,000 Licences to Help Ontario’s Youth

Rebecca Harris, Executive director of OARTY and Rob Whent, President of Thriver Inc. announce 3,000 licenses for the Thriver platform at OARTY General Meeting this morning in Markham.

MARKHAM, ON – February 27th, 2014 – ThriverTM Inc. announced today that it is donating 3,000 licences of its innovative cognitive learning profile site, ThriverTM, to help children in need that are in foster and group homes across Ontario. The announcement was made today at the Ontario Association of Residences Treating Youth (OARTY) General Meeting by Thriver’s President and Founder Rob Whent. “I couldn’t think of a better way to help children in need and their caregivers than by donating these licences to such an amazing organization. The cognitive learning profile will help case workers better understand the children they are working with. Our adaptive game platform, will give the children a fun and safe place to play games online while the system strengthens cognitive areas of concern.”

“For thousands of children, youth and young adults each year, OARTY members provide vital support, a place to call home and faces that become family. We are dedicated to excellence and finding the best chance for the brightest future possible for those in care” said Rebecca Harris, Executive Director of OARTY. “Thriver Games is an excellent fit for our members and our association’s philosophy, and we are extremely pleased to offer our members the opportunity to further enhance the care they provide through this evidence-based cognitive development tool.”

ThriverTM is currently being piloted at Eagle’s Nest: A Place to Soar Inc., a foster care agency in London, Ontario licenced by the Ministry of Children and Youth Services, and accredited by CARF International. “Our children often struggle to get caught up in their development, often with the situational unrest or challenges due to prenatal exposure to substances, our children are behind in their cognitive development.” says Kaitlin Adlam, Assistant Executive Director for Eagle’s Nest. “They have often missed a great deal of school, have had multiple placements and few consistent caregivers to assess the cognitive challenges that they face. ThriverTM presents a unique opportunity for the caregivers and teachers to give our children the leg up they need to not only catch up with their peers but also develop essential skills to promote the best outcomes for our children.
The games are engaging and a very relevant way of connecting with our children. I have no doubt that they are going to enjoy ThriverTM and that we are going to be very happy with the results!” says Kaitlin.

“ThriverTM is a B Corporation which means we consider society and the environment in every decision we make. It’s in our corporate DNA.” Whent says. ThriverTM has partnered with the Human Development Technologies (HDT) Research Group of University of Windsor in a research that is supported by the Ontario Brain Institute, FedDev Ontario, the Ontario Centres of Excellence, and the Ontario Network of Entrepreneurs (ONE). “It’s humbling to be able to give back to a province that has done so much to help.” says Whent. The researchers from University of Windsor are working with ThriverTM on developing an
adaptive brain-training program that involves simple computer games and a recommendation system for parents and caregivers, based on the child’s cognitive profile. ThriverTM and the HDT Research Group recently added the YMCA Academy and Scholar’s Choice as research partners.

About ThriverTM Inc.
ThriverTM Inc. ( is a technology-based company with offices in Toronto and Windsor, Ontario. ThriverTM is a new online learning platform designed to help parents and caregivers become effectively involved in the cognitive development of their children. While the platform is designed to help any child, it may be particularly helpful for children who are experiencing difficulties at home or at school. ThriverTM can help parents find the answers they are looking for and get their child the support and help necessary for him or her to do his or her best at school and in life. Thriver’s patent-pending technology uses the power of the Internet, allowing parents to determine their child’s unique learning profile, which includes a 360⁰ review involving other caring adults responsible for his or her upbringing and education.
In addition, ThriverTM delivers an adaptive brain-training program designed to help strengthen cognitive areas of concern. The innovative learning platform creates a cognitive profile based on nine cognitive skills, design by a pediatric neuropsychologist, and it suggests games and everyday activities that could enhance the child’s academic performance, happiness, and overall mental well-being.


The Ontario Association of Residence Treating Youth (OARTY) is a provincial non-profit charitable association formed in 1971 and incorporated in 1990. We are a collective voice for Ontario’s damaged and vulnerable populations and for the independent residential care providers that serve them. Our members provide high quality treatment and residential care services to children, youth, and young adults.
Independent residential care providers are funded on a fee for service (per diem) basis by the Ontario government through the Ministry of Children and Youth Services (MCYS) and/or the Ministry of Community and Social Services (MCSS); either directly or through the child welfare or adult services system. All members providing residential type services for children, youth or adults in need are licensed by, or otherwise meet the service criteria of the applicable Ministry in Ontario.

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