A Message from the President: August

By: Karen Behune Plunkett, CEO and President, WEtech Alliance

The August long weekend reminds us, that despite the lack of hot days, we have sadly reached summers midpoint. For industries and organizations not reliant on seasonal business, it also gives us the pause to clean up our desks so to speak, as we are quite aware that engagements and new initiatives typically take flight at an accelerated pace following Labour Day.

To that end, WEtech looks forward to a very robust calendar of services and activities for our growing client and membership base.  In our 3rd Quarter in year 3 as a Regional Innovation Centre (RIC) in the Ontario Network of Entrepreneurs, we are experiencing an uptake and growth in our innovation and technology start-ups with measured validation and revenue achievements. Certainly, this is an encouraging sign for our regional technology entrepreneurial ecosystem.

We are also very pleased to be working very closely with the University of Windsor through financial and program support of the Faculties of Research, Sciences, Engineering and EPICentre (Business) and the continuing growth and continuous development of innovative entrepreneurial opportunities through the Ministry of Economic Development, Employment and Trade (MEDET) funded Campus-Linked Accelerator program. Additionally, Vice President Yvonne Pilon is working closely with  St. Clair College in building out its Entrepreneurial programs though their MEDET supported On-Campus Entrepreneurship Activities (OCEA) grant.

Developing new approaches to innovation is no longer just an option for organizations (or individuals for that matter), who want to grow and succeed. The increasing landscape of new models and methods of innovation should encourage us to understand why and how we they are both implemented as well as potentially combined for maximum impact.

I am excited and proud of the work my Team, our Advisors and Mentors, under Direction of our Board of Directors, along with our collaborative partners, contributing to the growing health of our innovation & technology terrain.

Enjoy August!