Social Media Superheroes: Chapter Four


Our Superheroes assembled for CHAPTER FOUR on June 24th to finalize plans for the Sixth Annual Social Media Day celebration, which takes place tomorrow, June 30th.

If you’re not familiar with Social Media Day, it’s s an annual global celebration that highlights the contributions made by developers and social media enthusiasts alike. Mashable launched Social Media Day in 2010 as a way to recognize and celebrate social media’s impact on global communication. Hundreds of Social Media Day events are held across the globe, including right here in Windsor-Essex!



First on the “To-Do” list for our Superheroes was to decide on a theme. The group has decided to continue the “Chalk Tweet” theme which started in 2012 and was continued in 2013 and 2014 at the riverfront.

For this year’s celebration, the group has added a twist. Instead of holding the event at one location, each Superhero will hold a Chalk Tweet at their own location throughout Windsor-Essex to help shine a spotlight on each of our members and their business/organization.

The next order of business was to decide on a topic to Tweet about. The group decided on an awareness campaign to promote our new regional hashtag: #YQG!

Happy Social Media Day - Tuesday



#YQG stands for Your Quick Gateway, which is the IATA Airport Code for Windsor Airport.

After debating several other options for a regional hasthag, #YQG was chosen because of it’s benefits over other options:

  • It’s short – especially important on Twitter!
  • It’s consistent. Many other cities across North America already use their Airport call letters on Social Media, making it visitor friendly.
  • It’s exclusive. Unlike some of the other options (#WIN, #Windsor, #Essex, #WINcity, etc.) no one else is using it so our conversations won’t get lost in the mix. When you see a #YQG tweet, you know it’s about Windsor-Essex!



The event is quite simple and is open to anyone that would like to participate:

  • Get some chalk.
  • Use the chalk to draw stuff on stuff. Sidewalks, parking lots, parks, whatever. Be creative and have some fun with it!
  • Be sure to include our official regional hashtag #YQG and the Social Media Day hashtag #SMday!
  • Take some pics & help Spread the Word on Social Media. Don’t forget those hashtags!
  • After a day of Chalk Tweeting, join us at the Windsor Star News Cafe operated by Green Been at 4:30pm to share in some free snacks compliments of WEtech Alliance!



Are you a Social Media Lover and Active User? If so, we’d love to have you! CHAPTER FIVE takes place Wednesday, July 29th at 3:30pm and will include a discussion on TWITTER. Your expertise, klout and appreciation of all things Social Media would be a welcome addition to our group!

Group members meet on the last Wednesday of each month to talk about the opportunities and challenges in the area of social media as it pertains to their company/organization. The group targets the following three areas:

  • Best Practice Sharing – Through discussions and presentations
  • Community Advisory Services – Working with local non-profits organizations to assist them with their social efforts; and
  • Community Education and Promotion – Working on projects as determined by the group. Potential projects could include: establishment of a regional hashtag (we love #YQG), establishing a community database for social media users, planning activities for Social Media Day and Week, etc….

If you’re interested in participating in this monthly group or learning more, please email John-Marc Vachon at

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