Government Invests in Reducing Auto Emissions

Curbing auto emissions like these is highly beneficial for the planet and helps lessen the threat of climate change.

The federal government is providing almost $12 million to reduce emissions from cars and to boost the development and performance of hybrid, electric, and fuel-efficient vehicles. Over $5 million in investment is directed for Ontario, with $3.4 million going to local Windsor company Tyromer Inc., which uses recycled scrap rubber to seal car windows and doors! These clean technologies will improve the sustainability of automotive production and allow us to continue to produce vehicles in Canada without damaging our environment!

Marcus Deans, CleanTech Academy Graduate & WEtech Alliance Intern


The federal government is providing up to $11.9 million for six projects which will support the development of lighter, more fuel-efficient cars and improve the performance of hybrid and electric vehicles.

Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada says up to 80 jobs will be created in B.C., Ontario and Quebec because of the investment.

$11.5 million of the funding will be allocated through the Automotive Supplier Innovation Program, and will benefit the following companies:

  • Datec Coating Corporation in Mississauga, Ontario: ($1.3 million) Developing technologies that will improve heating management systems for vehicle cabins, lithium-ion batteries and engine fluids.
  • Tyromer Inc. in Windsor, Ontario: ($3.4 million) Using recycled scrap rubber to seal car windows and doors.
  • Eurospec Manufacturing Inc. in Newmarket, Ontario: ($1.7 million) Developing an automotive seat adjustment mechanism.
  • Loop Energy Inc. in Burnaby, British Columbia: ($787,000) Developing a fuel cell.
  • TM4 Inc. in Boucherville, Quebec: ($4 million) Developing an electric engine for light trucks.
  • Advanced Technology Emission Solutions Inc. in Hamilton, Ontario: ($272,000) Developing technology for catalytic converters, devices used to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from car tailpipes.

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