Tecumseh Vista students will be plugging into 3 brand new Solar Powered Outdoor Classrooms

Beginning this Wednesday Tecumseh Vista Academy students will be plugging into desks located at 3 brand new Solar Powered Outdoor Classrooms, each situated along a paved pathway spanning the school’s 35-acre property linking the Town of Tecumseh’s existing pathways connecting the school to the community and nearby McAuliffe Park. The Solar Powered Outdoor Classrooms are part of Tecumseh Vista Academy’s Pathway to Progress project for which the school was awarded $100,000 from Aviva Insurance for their winning idea which integrates the school, environment and community in a multi-platform concept. The Solar Powered Classrooms were designed manufactured, and will be installed by Tecumseh based Unconquered Sun Solar Technologies Inc. Last December Tecumseh Vista Academy was announced as one of the national winners in the annual Aviva Community Fund contest. ‘I believe these solar powered classrooms are the first of their kind anywhere….. my hats off to the Tecumseh Vista Parent Council, staff and students for their tremendous vision in conceptualizing these classrooms, we are proud to help make this vision a reality. We were even able to get some co op students involved in the design and build process, so it really was a win win for everyone involved”