Call for Nominations: Mayor’s Innovation Award

Celebrating 2017 Mayor’s Awards

Over its 125-year history, the City of Windsor has evolved from the foundations of a small town to becoming a key international city. Along with one of the most breathtaking riverfronts in the world, Windsor celebrates world-class technology, trend-setting businesses, a vibrant cultural community, and first class educational institutions and hospitals.

Windsor can be described simply as – a great Canadian City.

The success of this city is due in large part to the people of Windsor, people who have held fast to their belief in their beloved city and people who have contributed significantly to the Windsor we enjoy today.

In honour of the 125th anniversary of incorporation, Mayor Dilkens will present 25 awards recognizing passionate, community-minded citizens who have helped to make Windsor a “great city.” Awards will be presented in the categories named and described below.

The winners of these awards will have demonstrated an extraordinary effort toward making Windsor a better place, not just for themselves, but for their neighbours, friends and community.

“The city’s 125th anniversary provides us with a unique opportunity to reflect on how far we have come as a city,” said Mayor Drew Dilkens. “Recognizing the people and groups that work hard to help our city thrive is an important part of our city’s 125th celebration. I am particularly interested in nominations for those that have never been recognized for their service to Windsor. I encourage residents to think about the people they know who have quietly given time to making our community a wonderful place to live.”

Application / Nomination Form

Information for Submitting Application/Nomination Forms

  • Nominees must be  Windsor residents.
  • Applications must be completed in full, including references.
  • Nominations may be made in more than one category. Please complete a separate form for each category.
  • Deadline for nominations: Thursday, November 24, 2017 at 4:30 p.m.
  • Winners will be selected by the Mayor and notified on December 8, 2017.
  • Awards will be presented Tuesday, December 19, 2017; specific details to follow.
  • You can complete and submit a Nomination/Application Form in one of three ways:
    • Click the Online Form link above, complete and submit directly online.
    • Click the Manual Form link above, complete, scan and email to
    • Click the Manual Form link above, complete, and mail it to:
      • Celebrating 2017 Mayor’s Awards
        c/o The Office of the Mayor
        350 City Hall Square
        Windsor, ON. N9A 6S1

Award Categories

[1] Mayor’s Good Neighbour Award: A good neighbour pays attention to the needs of their fellow residents and is the first to offer assistance. This award looks to recognize individuals that carry out small but regular acts of kindness that make a real difference to neighbours and friends.
[2] Mayor’s Team Excellence Award: Working together as a team can have a significant impact on a community project or fundraising venture. This award will recognize a group of four or more people that volunteer their time for a Windsor organization or project.
[3] Mayor’s Diversity Award: This award seeks to celebrate an individual or group that has shown outstanding leadership in fostering inclusion within our diverse community.
Mayor’s Outstanding Youth Awards (4 categories): More than ever, youth are becoming active members of our volunteer force. These awards look to recognize outstanding youth volunteers in four categories.
[4] Mayor’s Outstanding Youth Award: 13 years and younger.
[5] Mayor’s Outstanding Youth Award: 14 to 18 years.
[6] Mayor’s Outstanding  Youth Award: 19 to 24 years.
[7] Mayor’s Team Excellence Youth Award: Groups of 4 or more.
[8] Mayor’s Outstanding Fundraising Award: Many Windsor organizations rely on the time and talent of local volunteers to raise funds for important community projects. This award seeks to recognize a volunteer whose unwavering spirit has been the foundation of fundraising campaigns for one or more organizations in the City of Windsor.
[9] Mayor’s Civic Booster Award: A civic booster is someone dedicated to making their community a better place to live. This award is for someone who deserves recognition for the time they have committed to making Windsor a better place to live, now and in the future.
[10] Mayor’s Civic Booster Youth Award: This award is for someone 18 years or younger who has devoted time to making Windsor a better place to live.
[11] Mayor’s Accessibility Award: The Mayor’s Accessibility Award recognizes an individual, business or organization that has made a difference in the lives of people living with a disability in the City of Windsor.
[12] Mayor’s Celebrating 2017 Arts Award: This award recognizes an individual or organization that, through their volunteerism, has contributed to nurturing and enhancing the arts in the City of Windsor.
[13] Mayor’s Heritage Award: This award looks to recognize an individual or organization that has made an outstanding contribution to preserving the history and heritage of our city.
[14] Mayor’s Senior Award: This award looks to recognize a Windsor resident who is 65 years or older and who has made a significant contribution to a local organization or community effort.
[15] Mayor’s Education Award: Providing good education and learning opportunities is paramount for any community to succeed. This award will recognize someone who has either improved learning opportunities for residents, or brought recognition to Windsor through their own academic achievements.
[16] Mayor’s Healthy Community Award: This award will recognize an individual or organization that has worked to make Windsor a healthier community.
[17] Mayor’s Sports Award: Windsor is home to many successful athletes. This award will honour an individual or group that has brought recognition to Windsor through their achievement in sport.
[18] Mayor’s Athletics and Recreation Award: This award will recognize an individual or group for their efforts to improve athletics and recreation in the city.
[19] Mayor’s Champion of the Environment Award: This award will honour an individual or organization whose action and achievements have shown outstanding environmental leadership.
[20] Mayor’s Safety Award: This award will recognize an individual or group that works to promote the safety of our neighbourhoods and communities. They may help victims of crime, organize to reduce violence or build partnerships to promote safety.
[21] Mayor’s Innovation Award: The recipient of this award will have brought recognition to the City of Windsor as a result of their innovative ideas, research, technologies or processes.
[22] Mayor’s Social Media Award: This award will recognize a local person or organization that has used social media to promote Windsor and its citizens in a positive way.
[23] Mayor’s Mentor Award: This award will recognize a Windsor resident who dedicates personal time to mentoring youth in his or her field.
[24] Mayor’s Inspiration Award: This award will recognize a Windsorite who inspires others through their own actions. This could be someone who overcame great adversity, or someone who continually inspires others to achieve.
[25] Spirit of Windsor Award: The highest honour during our Celebrating 2017 year. This award will be given to a citizen in the community who has shown exemplary dedication to the City of Windsor over a continued period of time.