St. Clair College Mobile Applications Development Co-op Program

A great opportunity to leverage local Mobile App Development talent.

The St. Clair College Mobile Applications Development (MAD) program is a three-year advanced diploma program. Students in this program are instructed in three streams: developing apps for mobile devices, developing web applications and game development.  The mobile app stream teaches students how to make native apps for Android and iOS devices. The primary languages for this stream are Java and Swift. Students work on development of desktop applications using Java as well.  In the web stream students are learning HTML, CSS, JavaScript, MySQL, and PHP. For game development, they are using Unity and learning C#. They have several other courses that overlap between the streams where they work with data (XML, JSON and databases), learn Agile development methodologies and study Object-Oriented Analysis and Design. Through student projects and assignments, students are given the opportunity to develop applications from concept through to finished product.

For complete specifics about all the courses, please visit:

The students applying for co-op would just be finishing up their 5th semester. The co-op program requires students to obtain a paid co-op for up to 50 weeks.  The co-op is to be completed between their 5th and 6th semester.  Companies that are interested in hosting a co-op student would post a position with us. Students would apply to the position and the company can choose the candidate that they would like to interview.  The company would select the student and present a job offer for a position that is in this field of study.

Students are expected to perform any tasks that would be required of any person fulfilling the position at the employer.  They would be expected to report to work at the same time and for the same duration.  Students will be reviewed periodically throughout their work term and we would ask that the employer assist in the review process.

Please note there are some government funding opportunities available to help offset some of the costs associated with hiring a student in the form of tax credits.

If anyone is interested in having a co-op student or has questions or would like more information, please contact Darren Takaki ( or program co-ordinator Peter Nikita (