Local Robotics Team Creates an Edible Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math Experience

March 22, 2019 – Windsor Essex, Ontario – Next time your child wants to put on a chef’s hat and cook up something in the kitchen, plan to add a little STEM learning into the mix thanks to a local robotics team. Team 6331 – Sabotage Robotics – from L’Essor Secondary School is making learning fun with the launch of a new Cookbook that teaches kids and parents to explore everyday things like cooking to build their STEM toolkit!

“The kitchen is a laboratory for exploring all sorts of STEM topics such as measurements, patterns, chemistry, properties of matter, cause and effect, and much more,” says Monique Pouget, Founder & Lead Mentor of Team 6331. “Cooking is a great way to introduce STEM education. While helping with the cookbook, students did everything from designing and printing 3D cookie cutters to manufacturing beautiful wooden cutting boards.”  

The students behind the Cookbook wanted to shed light on the benefits of cooking and the skills that you learn by doing so. They wanted to show how STEM is connected to everything we do.

“When you’re cooking you develop highly transferable skills, you get to practice reading, you spend more time with family, you learn about project management by following recipes,” says Nicole Habib. “It’s also a creative outlet and helps promote healthier eating and a sense of accomplishment.”

“Baking a cake has a lot of the same steps as making a robot,” says Isabella Grado. “You have to assemble the rights parts and have the right tools.”

The Cookbook is free, available both in French and English, and available for download on the Sabotage Robotics’ website: https://sabotage6331.wixsite.com/mysite.

Hard copies will also be available by donation at the following events:

  1. Mini Maker Faire (March 24th from 10-3pm at the University of Windsor School of Creative Arts)
  2. Windsor-Essex FIRST Robotics Competition (March 29-30that the St. Denis Centre)

All proceeds of the Cookbook will benefit Street Help Windsor.  

About Team 6331: FRC (First Robotics Competition) Team 6331: Sabotage was founded by mentors Monique Pouget, a teacher and Serge Brosseau a technology integration specialist with the support of CSC Providence. The team currently consists of 25 students and four mentors.