Detroit Transportation Challenge Offers Up To $250,000 for Transit Fix


The Problem

Detroit is a city of opportunity. Just last year the city emerged from bankruptcy and people from all over country are now being drawn there for a chance to make tremendous impact. While there are huge efforts to reinvigorate Detroit’s economy, dependable transportation is a deciding factor in expediting the economic revitalization of Detroit.

As Detroit regains momentum to rebuild its economy and create jobs, workers need to be able to get to and from work more efficiently and safely. Yet, bus riders often spend long wait and walk times commuting just across town. With almost three in four city jobs held by suburbanites and close to 75 percent metro Detroit jobs at least 10 miles (and as many as 35 miles) from Detroit’s Central Business District, Detroit’s two public transit systems face challenges in getting people in job-poor Detroit to the job-rich western suburbs 2. A study conducted by the Michigan arm of the U.S. Public Interest Group found that Detroit ranked at 40th place among the nation’s 70 largest cities3. A recent study reveals that many residents are going to great pains just to fulfill the most basic of day-to-day life activities such as getting to work or school 4.

Innovative transportation options can help Detroit’s revitalization.

The Challenge

The Detroit Transportation Challenge is a call to entrepreneurs, engineers, designers, and other creative thinkers to create an innovative solution that significantly improves transportation in Detroit, with focus on public transportation. The winning team with a creative solution will receive an investment of cash and services of up to $250,000 to help establish a new company in Detroit.

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