Welcome to the Drone Age

Only a few years ago drones were things from Sci-Fi movies and TV shows or something that we would hear about on the evening news when reports of military events were occurring. Now only a few short years later, drones are working their was into our social fabric in ways that we would never have imagined. Drone racing, drone delivery, drone taxis, drones used in film making and real estate, for exploration, mapping and pollination. Drones are becoming an everyday presence in our society and in our future.

Check out this teaser video for the 2017 Drone Racing League World Championships that recently aired on ESPN to get an idea of how quickly this sport is growing in popularity.


Over the last year the number of certified drone pilots and startup companies have tripled in North America and the FAA projects that drone sales will exceed 5 Billion dollars within the next few years with a further projection that the drone market will create an 82 Billion dollar market by 2025 and account for 100,000 drone related direct jobs.

The future of drones, however bumpy at the moment, will create a dynamic and expanding market. Access to drones is becoming far cheaper and fast moving advances in drone technology and robotics is energizing the drone movement to an unprecedented degree. In addition to the drone technology, advances in A.I and swarm technology are opening even more doors to the drone markets, inspiring a new wave of innovation and advancement.

Swarm Mentality

Swarming is a form of programming that enables drones to work together such as birds and bees. Swarming technology allows hundreds of drones to work together to achieve a single task that a lone drone could never preform on it’s own. Advancements in A.I and swarming technology and will open new doors to an unlimited potential for inspiration and innovation. The implications of these new and combined technologies will create advances in both commercial and industrial applications and offer unique opportunities for those with imagination.

Imagine a world where drones will assist with everyday tasks without having to be controlled by an operator. A.I intelligent drones will preform the assigned tasks quickly and easily allowing the operator to focus on the final outcome of the task. Pollination of crops is one example of the uses of drones and swarm technology. Hundreds if not thousands of micro drones could be programmed to pollinate a field in very little time, offering an expedient answer to a serious current problem.

An Aerial MOB drone lands after filming a scene for “Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders” at a Santa Clarita ranch. Photo credit: Myung J. Chun / Los Angeles Times

Imagine a movie set where the drones place themselves in the best angles for the shot without wasting time having to be moved or programmed by an operator.  Where multiple drones could move with the actors as they move, creating a perfect flow of vision for the director. Or perhaps a work site where drones are carrying heavy loads of materials to their assigned locations allowing the workmen to build more efficiently, at less cost and with much less chance of physical injury.

Swarm drones would work exceptionally well in area’s where there have been some form of disaster. These drones could easily and safely work together to bring building material, first aid supplies and food and water to areas that are impassable and have been severely impacted by disaster conditions.

These are only a few of the things that the future holds for us. Drones are becoming a part of our society much as the car and the airplane when they were first developed. The future is wide open and some amazing things are headed our way.  More to come.

Photo by Lilium.com

David McCall is the C.E.O of Future Evolutions Inc., a Windsor based technology company with a strong focus on drones and drone technology advancement and development for commercial and industrial use. He is also the Co-Editor of HoverBuzz Magazine, an online magazine dedicated to drone technology and sharing news and information related to drone use for commercial, industrial and recreational purposes as well as keeping it’s readers updated on new laws and regulations regarding the use of drones in Canada. As well David is the owner of XtremeBuilds.com, a locally based business with a focus on the promotion of drone racing across the country. Mr. McCall is the director of social media for FPV Canada which is Canada’s largest drone racing league and sits on the board of the Canadian Federation for Drone Racing as an adviser to the Ministry Of Transport. David is currently involved in the development of Dronetainment and Dronemusement, which are new and exciting arenas for drone technology with a focus purely on entertainment value, such as drone lighting displays, drone racing, drone battles, drone parties, drone parks and more. As well as his technical background Mr. McCall also has a background in creating local charity and community events and festivals for local organizations in need.