2018 Biz X Awards Nominations Now Open

Nominations for the 2018 Biz X Awards are being accepted until September 12th at noon. In the past 21 years, Biz X has awarded over 680 recipients in a wide range of categories. This year’s Award Categories are:

BUSINESS & SERVICE (*no chains/non-profits allowed)

1. “Outstanding New Business Of 2018” (businesses that opened from September 1, 2017 to September 1, 2018) *No restaurants/food trucks or bars can be included as they can participate in the Hospitality & Entertainment Categories.

2. “Dance Studio That’s One Step Ahead” (a dance studio with experienced instructors offering a variety of classes from hip hop to ballet for children and possibly adult lessons too)

3. “Dependable Day Care” (day care facilities that excel in childcare; take into account: cost, qualifications, safe environment, bonuses such as meals, number of staff)

4. “Tried & Tested Expert Emissions Facility” (a reliable auto shop for an emissions test)

5. “Super Roofer” (a roofing company that completes the job in a timely manner, affordable, good quality products and warranties)

6. “Recording Studio That Sounds Like A Winner” (if you are looking to record your first single as a musician or you want to create a special gift for your loved one; consider qualifications, equipment, price per finished song, turnaround time, past clients)

7. “Money Masters” (a financial planning firm who looks after you now and well into the future) *No bankers please.


8. “2018 Powerhouse Professional” (a local business owner or top manager who has what it takes to keep the company/organization they own or work for profitable in today’s tough times)

9. “Artist Of The Year” (singer, painter, musician, sculptor, band, actor only) *No authors, photographers, corporate entertainment business owners or theatre companies.

10. “The Chiropractor Who Has Your Back” (an experienced back cracker who is a good communicator, puts their patients at ease and offers additional treatments)

11. “All-Star Coach” (a sports coach who motivates the young to give it their all whether it be skating, swimming, playing hockey and more) *No personal fitness coaches please.

12. “The Clothing Designer Who Always Makes A Fashion Statement” (he/she has their own label, trendy designs, may sell clothing through a website or storefront)

13. “Dog Trainer Who’s Here To Stay. Stay.” (obedience training for your pet; consider experience, affordable pricing, if he/she operates out of a facility etc.)

RETAIL (*no chains/non-profits allowed)

14. “The Best Little Retail Shop Of 2018” (open to all retailers with good prices, fantastic customer service and selection) *They must have a storefront, no on-line businesses please.

15. “Finest Flower Shop To Pick” (the florist to call to order flowers for a special employee, family member, friend or even an entire wedding and reception)

16. “Landscape Supply Outlet Which Leaves No Stone Unturned” (who to visit for landscape supplies like stone, mulch, top soil, grass seed, sand, compost etc. either for pick up or delivery)

17. “Steady Streaming Service” (where to purchase an android TV box or antennae, look for excellent customer support, pricing, selection)

18. “Home Healthcare Showroom That Sets The Wheels In Motion” (from wheelchairs and walkers to bath safety or compression stockings, where to buy mobility and/or medical products)

19. “Already Ready Meals Fit For A King” (the place to go for prepared meals requiring little cooking time which are prepackaged for pick-up or even pre-ordered online with delivery) *No restaurants, fast food or take out locations please as have their own section.

HOSPITALITY & ENTERTAINMENT (*no chains/non-profits allowed; exception #22 and #23)

20. “Restaurant That’s Hot, Hot, Hot For 2018!” (can be a new or an existing restaurant/food truck that offers exceptional cuisine, fair prices and has a unique, trendy atmosphere)

21. “Best Seats For Outdoor Eats” (when dining outdoors, a bar/restaurant with great food; an intimate patio or large seating capacity in a good location with a view of the water or busy street etc.) *Please note when nominating in this category and #20, you can only include your choice in one category (not both). We will move any votes accordingly so all are in the appropriate category.

22. “The Most Wonderful Event Of The Year” (annual runs, golf tournaments, motorcycle rides and others; if they fundraise for a charity, brownie points are given!) *Non-profits, charities and national franchises with local events can participate as a special exception and, as of 2018, festivals and trade shows are now also allowed.

23. “Show Stopper Theatre Co.” (theatre production companies with shows in their own location or other facilities for large audiences or a tour performing in different locations) *Non-profit organizations are allowed to participate.

24. “Burgers To Flip Over” (where’s the beef is the question, although vegetarian choices can be considered, but there must be a good selection of tasty burgers at this restaurant or bar with ingredients you just would not make at home!)

Nominate your favourite local businesses and leaders!

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