Play Out Loud with Loodo!

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By: Hailey Trealout, WEtech Alliance Journalism Intern

You’ll see it in every waiting room, café and mall, people on their phones playing games. Just to pass the time, one move at a time, you slowly gain your collection of rewards, achievements and levels.
Sports fans, trivia lovers, casual gamers and music buffs can find a new way to challenge themselves while receiving something in return.
Loodo is a new interactive, location based gaming app that provides unlimited entertainment and the chance to win free prizes.
Frank Abbruzzese, is the President of AlphaKOR Group, the creators of the app.
He said the app has been a collaborative effort between AlphaKOR, HCA Mindbox and Sports Bar Marketing Exchange since its beginnings last year.
“Paul Charbonneau of HCA and Andrew Jaffee of Sports Bar connected at a conference,” said Abbruzzese. “Andrew was looking for a way to bring more value from a marketing perspective to his sports TV guide subscribers. Building on the strategy of growing the hospitality business by entertaining customers and rewarding them for their loyalty, Loodo is a very viable marketing solution with its aggregate network experiences.”
Through Loodo, consumers can choose the winners of the games, draft a fantasy team, test their trivia knowledge at locations across the country and earn loyalty points and prizes from their favourite places.
“The attraction for consumers is they only require 1 app to take advantage of an unlimited amount of entertainment instead of downloading and using multiple apps,” said Abbruzzese.
The app has been promoted by Devonshire Mall and will be marketed to the public in fall 2013. You can download the app at