Ivy’s League – My visit to AlphaKOR

WEtech Alliance Summer Intern Ivy Wills will be traveling Windsor-Essex this summer in hopes of gaining valuable insight into career paths while documenting her experience and lessons in her blog “Ivy’s League”. Interested in welcoming Ivy to your tech company? Let us know!

My Visit to AlphaKOR

Recently I was welcomed as a guest at local tech company, AlphaKOR. Here Frank Abbruzzese explained his perspective as president of AlphaKOR Group and provided insider tips on how to make an impression in the tech/business industry. AlphaKOR takes pride in serving the business community in Southwestern Ontario and around the world with dynamic technical solutions. They focus on software development, protection and security, as well as website creation.

Abbruzzese expressed that in order to keep the businesses they support properly protected from problems like ransomware, the AlphaKORIans’ work hard to educate clients to recognize viruses that occur in the form of links and false emails. The AlphaKOR team give their full attention to immediate problems that disable a business from conducting their work. In order to make sure that the businesses AlphaKOR serves are up to date on the latest technology and online promotion strategies, they schedule time with each business on a repeated basis. This allows companies to be ensured that AlphaKOR is doing their part to help target success.

Abbruzzese also expressed that he feels the key to success is making the connection between technical developers and the businesses they serve personal. He thinks that good communication and simple explanations of technical concepts will ensure a strong link between the two groups.

Members of the AlphaKOR team competing in the Lawn Bowling event at the 2018 Nerd Olympics

During my visit I was exposed to an organization that supports diversity in the STEM field through a diverse team of employees and through commitment to some inspiring non-profit businesses. At AlphaKOR one can observe employees from different countries and an impressive male/female ratio. AlphaKOR also supports the non-profit organization Build A Dream. Build A Dream encourages grade 12 females to enter the STEM field.

AlphaKOR is in the centre of an ever-growing technical industry that continues to interact with the business industry. They work in a dynamic environment to ensure that their business clients are up to date on the latest technology. AlphaKOR supports the employees’ mental health by adding a quiet space and ping pong table to the building.

This visit allowed me to explore the ways that software, web design, and ransomware defense can enhance business. Frank Abbruzzese helped introduced me to ways that technical solutions can help make advanced businesses thrive. Overall, I learned that AlphaKOR is an impressive group that cares about employees and helps merge business and technology.

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Ivy Wills is a second-year computer science student at the University of Toronto Scarborough. She grew up in Windsor and is currently spending the summer here before her second year. Starting in her grade 12 year of high school, she joined her high school robotics team, the 5885 Wiredcats. Here she learned the basics of programming and developed an interest in machinery. Following grade 12, she developed her teaching skills leading a month-long introduction to robotics summer class to children in grades 3-4. During her first year of computer science, she learned different programming languages and developed an interest in game development.