9 Tools to Streamline Your Digital Marketing Efforts

One of the largest complaints when it comes to online marketing is that it is too “time consuming.”

And it’s true – if your investing the time and dedication into your online marketing, then it can eat into your valuable time that could be spent doing other things in your business or even family time.

That’s where systems that help automate and make you more efficient can be a life saver.

Here’s a few great systems and tools that you can use!


Do you find yourself opening and closing the same tabs every single day? Or maybe you open Facebook to respond to messages and find yourself scrolling instead? This is a program that you can download onto your computer, allowing you to log into all your important sites and host them all in one place. Email, Tweetdeck, Facebook Messenger, Slack Channels, Calendar, LinkedIn, and Todoist.

Check it out at meetfranz.com

2: Todoist

If you’re a To Do List person, this is going to save you so much time. No more writing out your daily list. No more trying to remember things that need to be done. You can add re-occuring tasks, prioritize and even create projects to keep track of every task needed. You can schedule to-dos for months (even years) out and every day it populates a to do list for you. The site is available via browser, desktop app, integrates with other apps (like Franz) and is a mobile app as well.

Check it out at todoist.com

3: Workona

Are you one of those people who has a couple dozen tabs open at one time and find your computer bogging down? Or maybe you just have the same 5-10 tabs that you open daily and you find yourself clicking the bookmarks button in your browser. Workona allows you to create workspaces so projects are easier to manage. Just click on the workspace to bring up the tabs, close the workspace when you’re done and they’ll all be there the next time you need them!

This is specifically great when you’re doing research, working on multiple projects or even when doing Instagram engagement – Specifically the $1.80 strategy!

Check it out at workona.com

4: Hubspot

Hubspot is a CRM and is one of the many Client Perks that WEtech offers. Sequences are EVERYTHING. It’s a great way to ensure you’re including multiple touchpoints with potential and current clients. You can include templated emails and tasks to ensure you’re including multiple different avenues of cadence.

If you send the same emails consistently or include the same statements in emails regularly, then templates and snippits will save you time while emailing. You can create the ability to schedule meetings and/or calls that integrate with your calendar as well.

Check it out at www.hubspot.com

5: UnRoll.me

Is your inbox is inundated with emails? UnRoll.me goes through your email, shows everything you’re subscribed to, allows you to unsubscribe to the things you no longer want to receive and will pull all the other subscriptions into one neat email that you can open once a day, skim through and if there’s an email you do want to read, simply click on the preview to read further.

Check it out at unroll.me

6: Calendry

Very similarly to Hubspot, you can create a meeting calendar that works with your calendar and can be integrated into your website, allowing you to book meetings and calls automatically.

Check it out at calendly.com

7: Canned Responses

This Gmail app allows you to create templated emails for the emails you send regularly – very similarly to Hubspot.

Learn more: blog.hubspot.com/sales/gmail-templates-canned-responses

8: Boomerang

Boomerang allows you write emails and schedule them for a later date or time. You can “boomerang” your emails so if you don’t get a response, it will bring it back to your inbox, reminding you to follow up again.

Check it out at www.boomeranggmail.com

9: Loom

Instead of writing out long emails or having to schedule a call, you can use loom to record a quick video or demo for your clients or team. The link can be shared, you’ll be notified when it’s been viewed and notes can be left for you on the video.

Check it out at www.loom.com

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Nichole Howson, owner of AIM Social Media Marketing is a social media marketing strategist that works with businesses to increase their reach, engagement and bring in qualified leads that convert. AIM Social focuses on the strategy FIRST before getting started – building a firm foundation for each business’ online marketing. Nichole is a member of the WEtech Alliance Social Media Superheroes, a peer-to-peer group of local social media super users that meet regularly to discuss social media tips, tricks & best practices; develop & implement local initiatives; and assist local non-profits, businesses & community groups develop & grow their social media presence. Nichole is also co-lead of the WEtech Alliance Social Media Sidekicks, a peer-to-peer network for beginner and intermediate level social media users in Windsor-Essex and Chatham-Kent.