Ivy’s League – Final Summer Blog: My Experience as a WEtech Intern

WEtech Alliance Summer Intern Ivy Wills traveled Windsor-Essex this summer to gain valuable insight into career paths while documenting her experience and lessons in her blog “Ivy’s League”.

Final Summer Blog: My Experience as a WEtech Intern

If you have been following this blog, then you know that members of the WEtech Alliance team have allowed me to visit and experience different technology companies in Windsor. I also received the chance to volunteer at and participate in the Canadian Undergraduate Computer Science Conference (CUCSC).

Over the summer, I was able to expand my knowledge of the many applications of computer science and improve my ability to communicate with different professionals.

Ivy (2nd from left) with the WEtech Alliance team at our end of summer social at Silver Tee.

At AlphaKOR I learned about software development, security, as well as website creation. Frank also taught me the importance of creating good communication between technical developers and business professionals.

At Coulter Software, I learned how to approach the process of designing mobile apps and websites to help provide data collection services to businesses. Jay Coulter enforced that individuals in computer science should continue to develop their problem-solving skills.

The CUCSC allowed me to explore my interests by attending several different presentations. It also allowed me to work side by side with other students in computer science.

Finally, at Workforce WindsorEssex, I was introduced to Ontario’s apprenticeship system and how this system is being supported in Windsor. Tashlyn also taught me the importance of testing out the career path you are interested in prior to pursuing it.

How did creating this summer blog help me along my tech career path journey?

Creating this blog and working alongside WEtech Alliance has taught me valuable knowledge about the technology field and the process of shaping my career path. At WEtech Alliance, I was welcomed as a member of the team and encouraged to ask questions. Everyone I met throughout the process was also extremely kind to me. During my visits to technology companies, I learned different practical information that will help me decide what stream of computer science I should enter. I also developed soft skills that will allow me to succeed.

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Ivy Wills is a second-year computer science student at the University of Toronto Scarborough. She grew up in Windsor and is currently spending the summer here before her second year. Starting in her grade 12 year of high school, she joined her high school robotics team, the 5885 Wiredcats. Here she learned the basics of programming and developed an interest in machinery. Following grade 12, she developed her teaching skills leading a month-long introduction to robotics summer class to children in grades 3-4. During her first year of computer science, she learned different programming languages and developed an interest in game development.