Marketing in the Age of Assistance: Tech Show Takeaways

Did you miss Tuesday night’s Tech Show? Wishing you knew what Casey Lynn from Google had to say about Marketing in the Age of AI? Don’t worry, we have you covered!

Here are a few of the tangible takeaways from last night’s exciting chat.



Overwhelmingly, consumers (particularly on mobile) experience three types of micro moments on their buying journey that you need to win:

  1. New Day New Me Moments
  2. I Can Fix This Moments
  3. Where Do I Even Start Moments



In order to win these moments you have to understand the evolution of consumers. They are:

  1. CURIOUS: The rate of “best” searches have risen by 80% year over year, and are even higher for simple products like toothbrushes and shower curtains. This means that products that used to be low consideration are now high consideration.
  2. DEMANDING: The rate of “near me” searches have risen 3x year over year. This had lead to 56% of Smart Phone users purposing products from someone they didn’t intend to because they provided some form of value.
  3. IMPATIENT: 53% of Smart Phone users abandon visits on mobile sites if they take longer than 3 seconds to load (for reference the average mobile site takes 15 seconds to load).



Now that you understand who your customer is, and the moments you need to win, let’s get to the TOOLS TO HELP YOU WIN!

  1. BE THERE:
    1. 1. Claim your Google Business Page
    2. 2. Respond to Customer Reviews
    3. 3. Leverage Google Insights to figure out how your customers are finding you.
    1. 1. Quit using averages, the technology is available to custom tailor landing pages and retargeting to the specific customer showing interest on your website.
    2. 2. Remove as much friction from the buying process as possible. Buyers should be able to go from finding your company to buying your product in less than 3 clicks.
    3. 3. If you’re looking for playbooks, and concrete examples of other companies who are experts at this, check out Think With Google.
  3. BE QUICK:
    1. 1. Remember 53% of customers abandon mobile visits if it takes more than 3 seconds to load.
    2. 2. Use Google’s Test My Site to get a breakdown on your site speed to make sure everything is up to speed!


Owning your customer journey is not only essential, but is now easier than its ever been. Even taking a few of the small steps we listed today can make a huge impact!

To learn more about all of this year’s #TechWeekYQG action, check out

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Adam Frye is the Director of Business Innovation at WEtech Alliance. Before that, Adam worked extensively in the startup space in Waterloo and Toronto, both as an early employee in a high growth social enterprise, as well as a startup coach and mentor for young entrepreneurs. In his free time he enjoys golfing, rock climbing and portaging. His values can be summed up in 3 quick sentences. Find your passion. Relentlessly pursue it. Help others to do the same.