This is for the twenty somethings…

By David Burman

As a successful graduate of Disney’s International College Program and a dual citizen with our neighbors to the South, I never saw myself planting roots in Windsor. Through dedication, passion and the will to try, I turned a risky (and almost stupid) venture, into a rewarding and successful career.

Not only is Mister Maid Inc. a gigantic trophy for me, but also Windsor’s small business sector. I have had the opportunity to be a part of a tremendous community of professionals that offers economic growth and substance to Windsor’s community.

I fell into Mister Maid Inc. in 2012 while working administration at a big box store. While I sat at my desk counting someone else’s money on the verge of a quarter-life crisis, a colleague approached me with the opportunity to buy his business.

It was almost laughable at the time: why would a dual citizen, remain in Windsor and own a business with a significant amount of risk and chance of failure?

I made the decision in July of 2012 to purchase Mister Maid. I was hopeful that owning my own company gave me the same feeling of fulfillment that my position at Disney had a year before.

I didn’t know much about owning a business, but I knew I wanted to be innovative, organic and locally focused. Fast forward to 2015: I am leaving a management position with paid benefits and pension; because I see the value and opportunity MY business has in Windsor.

I believe I am part of the future of Windsor, paving the way for many young professionals nervous to take the leap. I am dedicated and confident in my company, my employees and our ability to make an original mark on a blue-collar city.

Mister Maid Inc. is refreshing, organic and a stepping-stone for many other twenty something’s hoping to make an impact on a city that was once known for being innovative and prosperous. In my advice, take the leap – it’s time to put our stamp on things!

David Burman is a 25-year-old entrepreneur, raised in Windsor, Ontario. A graduate of Disney and a two-time alumni from St. Clair College, David owns a growing business and is an active philanthropist.

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