Top 3 Social Media Trends Of 2019

A guest blog post by AlphaKOR Group.

The internet is constantly changing, and the companies that want to survive on the internet must adapt to these changes. It’s crucial to consider how mobile effects your online presence. With computers at your users fingertips, mobile apps mobile friendly websites, mobile marketing and social media are your greatest tools.

Here’s a few of the social media trends we’ll most likely see in 2019.



Micro influencers are influencers between 10-50k followers. They are going to see a surge in advertising popularity as advertisers begin to understand their value to market products and brands. They are significantly cheaper alternatives to traditional marketing and macro influencers, the average cost of a post is only $180. You’re more likely to target the audiences you want using a micro influencer.  A micro influencer who runs a car account with 15k followers, their following is guaranteed to have a majority interest in cars. Another upside to micro influencers is that they make products feel more authentic. Its believable for a micro influencer to post a picture of his smoothie after a workout.



Videos content is becoming the new go-to on the internet. Facebook live, Instagram T.V, YouTube, they’re all perfect examples of this. Think back to the last time you had to look up how to do something. Did you click on a form to find the instructions to fix your problem? Or did you click on a youtube video to watch step by step instructions on how to fix it? Most consumers expect video content to view, and in many cases they rather go elsewhere where they can find videos.



Engagement is so important to consumers. It helps them create a trust in your brand. There are many ways to engage with your community, creating quality posts and interacting with consumers comments. Creating live videos or podcasts to engage with your community. New interesting posts such as 360 videos. Most importantly, you have to listen to your audience! Listen and engage wherever you can! Whether it be comments, forms, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, it’s so important and we can not stress that enough!


If you are overwhelmed with digital marketing and social media, we have a tool for you! We have a free whitepaper that shows how marketing hasn’t changed, it’s just moved to a new platform! Basic SEO techniques and the benefits of each social media platform included.

What trends do you think we’ll see in 2019? Share them with us on social media, we’d love to hear them!

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